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Achieve Greater ROI from Your Data with Powerful AI-Based Enterprise Machine Data Analytics Applications

The Value of Machine Data

The potential value of machine data is significant – it supports reactive diagnostics, proactive problem identification and business intelligence analysis. Machine data holds the unfiltered truth about operational efficiency, machine usage and machine health. Glassbeam solutions turn machine data into actionable insights to help you make smarter business decisions, optimize operations, lower costs, and improve the patient experience.

Glassbeam Products

Clinsights Service Analytics

Clinsights provides data-driven insights that will change your dialogue from ‘what happened yesterday’ to ‘what can happen today’?

Recover millions in lost revenues by increasing machine uptime to 99% and above through rule-based anomaly detection that provides field engineers alerts for proactive and predictive action. Enjoy multi-modality, vendor-agnostic enterprise services.

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Clinsights Utilization Analytics

Clinsights provides advanced asset and imaging utilization.

Optimize capital budgets of expensive imaging modalities by understanding asset utilization across your entire fleet from multiple perspectives – the number of procedures, types of procedures, duration, variability and idle time. Benchmark utilization by viewing aggregated time taken per procedure, machine, operator and facility to find performance gaps in training and balance asset utilization.

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Core Technology

Glassbeam provides a platform that can ingest any complex log file and scale from gigabytes to terabytes of data per day. With patented technology and a powerful proprietary language to build analytics from log data in a single step, Glassbeam increases your time-to-value by 100X.

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Core Applications

From search to advance analytics, Glassbeam provides a suite of built-in applications that can jumpstart your log analytics solution from day one. Features include full-text search, custom rules, integrated workflows and drill-down dashboards.

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Glassbeam Solutions by Segment

Solutions for
Hospitals and
Imaging Centers

Analyze machine data from imaging and biomedical assets to help increase machine uptime and utilization, leading to increased patient throughput, revenues, and reduced operational costs.

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Solutions for
Medical Device

Embed machine data insights into global support, sales, services, marketing, and engineering processes to improve operations, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

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Solutions for
Service Providers

Differentiate your value proposition by providing multi-vendor multi-modality solutions to your customers by leveraging machine data insights.

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What Our Customers Say

“Glassbeam Clinsights brings tremendous business value to any growing healthcare enterprise looking to optimize its imaging operations by mining asset uptime and utilization data in a single application. As an early adopter to the new release our imaging center network has leveraged Glassbeam platform’s enhanced capabilities to make critical decisions on our day-to-day operations using data-driven insights.”

Ryan Bathish Chief Development Officer
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Deliver Greater Impact

Glassbeam is disrupting the status quo with solutions that enable data-driven healthcare organizations to excel. Achieve greater ROI from your machine data.

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Get Clear Healthcare Operations Insight

Gain deeper, clearer insight from your machine data to elevate business intelligence, minimize unplanned downtime, increase asset utilization, and drive operational efficiency.

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