Core Technology

Bring Structure and Meaning to Complex Data with Glassbeam’s Core Technology

Increase Your Time-to-Value by 100X

Glassbeam’s platform can ingest any complex log file and scale from gigabytes to terabytes of data per day. Our patented technology and powerful proprietary language build analytics from log data in a single step. Glassbeam can increase your time-to-value by 100X.

Any Log, Any Device, Any Cloud

Leverage the power of Glassbeam on any cloud, public or private, with any device and log format.

Ease of Deployment

Go from raw logs to actionable analytics with patented Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) as a single development step.

Hyper-Scale Architecture

Ingest TBs of data from your installed base and Glassbeam platform will scale massively across the entire data pipeline.

Integrated AI/ML Pipeline

Build new models or deploy existing business rules in Glassbeam AI/ML pipeline as a unified workflow.

Glassbeam Tech

Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL)

SPL is a single-step solution to transform machine logs of any format and device into a machine data analytics app. Combining Glassbeam Studio and Glassbeam’s platform, you can expect a 100x time-to-value compared to in-house data transformation projects.

  • Define source data parsing models, target schema design, and generate metadata in a single step
  • Supports both streams and batch files processing or a combination of both

SCALAR – Platform for Machine Data Analytics

Glassbeam’s SCALAR is a highly scalable, parallel, asynchronous, machine data analytics platform that converts any log format into actionable information.

  • Parallel, asynchronous loader, compiler, and parser providing multiple levels of parallelization in the data pipeline
  • Supports streaming as well as batch data
  • Dynamically tunes itself to optimize the system for the slowest links in the chain, smoothing out load peaks and valleys

Rules Engine – Event Processor for Machine Data

Glassbeam’s Rules Engine a highly scalable, In-line Event processor, which allows users to create complex rules on their incoming streams or batched data.

  • Evaluates rules inline and in real-time while parsing the data; not based on querying parsed data
  • Allows users to create an unlimited number of rules without performance penalty
  • Setup complex rules

Machine Learning – Train and Develop Prescriptive

Glassbeam provides a set of inbuilt Apps and machine learning toolset through its integration with Apache Spark.

  • Inbuilt models to find anomalies, predict component failures, and prescribe machine failure remedies
  • Integrated machine data analytics platform with our machine learning tool kit to get a seamless framework for creating, training, and deploying machine learning models
What Our Customers Say

“Today, healthcare providers’ clinical engineering, radiology, and service teams lack the data-driven insights to make effective CAPEX and OPEX decisions. As a result, their organizations fail to maximize machine uptime and reduce operating and maintenance costs as much as possible. Partnering with Glassbeam enables RENOVO additional capabilities to better leverage the analytical data generated by ultrasound modalities. We look forward to optimizing healthcare providers’ return on investment and improving the patient experience through increased uptime.”

Sandy Morford CEO
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