We help you make sense of complex machine data so you can drive operational efficiency.

The data you have on hand today can transform your organization. Put your data to work today.

Optimize Staffing and Patient Scheduling 

Lack of visibility and predictability into machine performance, equipment utilization and referral patterns drive a high degree of reactivity. Consolidating and analyzing equipment data can be used to predict failures to realize full equipment utilization and staff appropriately for an effective and efficient operation.

Simple. Truthful. Actionable.

We provide real time proactive, predictive and prescriptive insights for machine maintenance and comprehensive utilization information to optimize staffing and patient scheduling for hospitals, clinics and private radiology groups.

Staffing gets easier – schedule staffing of all personnel and especially top of license radiologists based on patient demand.

Schedule staff for training by reviewing statistics on “retesting” due to operator error.

Enhance the patient experience: Reduce wait times, avoid rescheduling and unnecessary travel to another facility to prevent revenue leakage.

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From Reactive to Proactive

From reactive to proactive: the business case for ingesting all equipment data, turning this data into insight — and driving action. Learn how MultiCare Health System generates value from their data.

Additional Ways to Get More Out of Your Data

Save Millions in Downtime Cost

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Better Asset Utilization

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