Helping Our Customers Succeed With Machine Data Analytics

From large hospital networks to nimble imaging centers, we are empowering our customers on their journey to digitizing patient care and experiences. Here is what they have to say about their success stories.

“At Canon Medical, our priority is to support our customers and their patients by providing Service solutions that help them face the challenges of today’s healthcare environment, including operational efficiency and productivity. With Clinsights from Glassbeam, we can arm our customers with insights about how they are using their systems, and facilities can apply this information to enhance efficiencies that benefit their organization and patients alike.”

Dominic Smith Vice President, Service Field & Sales

“The ability to proactively and predictively manage CT and MR equipment maximizes clinical uptime, which is so crucial to our client’s patient-centric business mission. Glassbeam Clinsights™ remote monitoring and analytics offerings are not only key differentiators for us against the competition but also assures the highest decile imaging equipment uptime for our highly valued client base.”

Alan Moretti Vice President, Advanced Imaging and Radiation Oncology

“Data transformation is the unspoken bridge between connectivity and analytics. As connected machines become more pervasive and intelligent, there is a huge untapped market opportunity for data management, transformation, and eventually analytics with machine learning for multi-structured log data. Glassbeam is purpose-built to address these challenges, allowing end-users to realize new levels of value from data, while also achieving significant predictive cost and time savings.”

Glen Allmendinger Founder

“Information Services and Analytics fits well within UCSF Health’s 2020 strategic goals. Investing in data systems and predictive analytics capabilities to help us facilitate service management, asset utilization and performance improvement of medical machines are critical to our success. We are confident Glassbeam’s unique analytics solution will help us tremendously as we scale our operations over the next few years.”

Ramana Sastry Director of Clinical Engineering

“Protection of patient information is our number one priority in the healthcare industry. We are proud to see that Glassbeam is taking the protection of that data so seriously. We are confident that as the solution integrates with new data sources, all patient data will remain secure to the highest standards.”

Steve Levinson Vice President - Risk, Security, and Privacy

“At EQ2, we fundamentally believe that IoT will become pervasive throughout healthcare in years to come. Partnering with Glassbeam will provide EQ2 and our customer base new ways of looking at data and will help them become more strategic in day-to-day operations managing their vast fleet of medical equipment as well as help them make more effective long term capital expenditure decisions.”

Vishal Malhotra CTO

“Today, healthcare providers’ clinical engineering, radiology, and service teams lack the data-driven insights to make effective CAPEX and OPEX decisions. As a result, their organizations fail to maximize machine uptime and reduce operating and maintenance costs as much as possible. Partnering with Glassbeam enables RENOVO additional capabilities to better leverage the analytical data generated by ultrasound modalities. We look forward to optimizing healthcare providers’ return on investment and improving the patient experience through increased uptime.”

Sandy Morford CEO

“Glassbeam has once again delivered on its promise to be the healthcare industry’s leading analytics platform. I am certain that the new functionalities of remote access and management will further strengthen our partnership offerings with Glassbeam, providing healthcare customers with unsurpassed benefits to increase machine uptime and improved patient care.”

Chad Brown President & CEO

“The number of signals coming from connected machines in the IoT market have surpassed the ability for humans to keep track of them years ago. I am excited to see Glassbeam, as a supporting member of D3 Center, taking a leadership role in leveraging artificial intelligence to change the rules of the game for the healthcare market.”

Lise Getoor Professor of Computer Science and Center Director

“The management of medical machines such as MRI and CT Scanners have taken on a new level of complexity in recent years, due in part to the increased sophistication of equipment and ever-increasing requirements for compliance, safety, reliability, and accuracy. Predicting machine health and utilization patterns with help from the latest techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the next frontier to improve operations in Clinical Engineering function.  I am pleased to see Glassbeam innovating on this exciting front for healthcare providers.”

Corey Holtman President

“Glassbeam’s solution, powered by Tableau, represents an innovative application of Tableau for the emerging Internet of Things industry. The combination of Glassbeam and Tableau offers a powerful solution for joint customers to collect, process, and analyze data generated from connected machines.”

Stephanie Richardson Director of Product Marketing