We help you make sense of complex machine data so you can save millions in downtime cost.

The data you have on hand today can transform your organization. Put your data to work today.

Minimize Unplanned Downtime

Today, imaging equipment like MRIs suffer 6-10 downtime events per year on average, and downtime per event is typically 6+ hours. This translates to unhappy patients, huge workflow disruption and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue that healthcare providers can ill afford.

What if powerful analytics could solve all this?

ClinsightsTM uses data analytics to optimize machine uptime and utilization of high-end imaging machines and clinical staff productivity.

We provide real time predictive and prescriptive insights to optimize required system maintenance.

99% Uptime

Increasing uptime to 99% allows recovery of 37 additional hours of billable time per machine

$662K In Cost Savings

Over $662K in cost savings over 3 years due to fewer cryogen refills and proactive alerts with prescriptive analytics

$1.7M Recovered Revenue

Improved uptime translated into over $1.7 million dollars in recovered revenues over 3 years for a site with 10 MRIs and 10 CTs.

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From Reactive to Proactive

From reactive to proactive: the business case for ingesting all equipment data, turning this data into insight — and driving action. Learn how MultiCare Health System generates value from their data.

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