Deliver Immediate Impact with Predictive and Prescriptive Insights

Making Sense of Your Complex Data
Glassbeam's Impact on Healthcare Operations

Insights for Critical Decisions

Glassbeam is disrupting the status quo with solutions that enable data-driven healthcare organizations to excel. Predictive and prescriptive analytics make sense of your data. Interactive dashboards offer a complete and powerful view of an organization’s total connected devices, allowing executives, clinical leaders, clinical engineers and independent service organizations to monitor key performance parameters for each medical asset.

Achieve Greater ROI from Your Data

Drive Operational Efficiency

Minimize Unplanned Downtime

  • Use data analytics to anticipate workflow interruptions
  • Leverage real time predictive and prescriptive insights to optimize efficiency
  • Save millions in downtime costs

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Improve Operations with Fleet-wide Performance Visibility

  • Deliver greater asset and staff productivity
  • Track utilization per machine and facility over time, to make effective decisions
  • Optimize exam duration, change over and exam scheduling

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Drive Operational Efficiency

  • Realize optimal equipment utilization and staff appropriately for an effective and efficient operation
  • Get real time proactive, predictive, and prescriptive insights for machine maintenance
  • Reduce wait times, avoid rescheduling and unnecessary travel to another facility to prevent revenue leakage

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Elevate Business Intelligence

  • Real time access of product performance history across all installations, searchable by any number of metrics possible.
  • Drive product enhancement and development decisions with reliable end-user information
  • Machine data analytics play an important role in engineering design providing continuous learning, new ideas, and insights for upgrades  and new offerings.

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Transform Your Healthcare Operations

Gain deeper, clearer insight from your machine data to elevate business intelligence, minimize unplanned downtime, increase asset utilization, and drive operational efficiency.

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