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Differentiate Your Multi-Vendor Multi-Modality Solutions with Machine Data Insights
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Break Through

Glassbeam enables Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) to further differentiate their multi-vendor multi-modality offerings to their customer base, leveraging cutting edge machine data insights.


of ISOs recognize customer satisfaction as a strategic differentiator


of ISOs agree predictive analytics on machine data will be the top factor to reshape the industry in the next 5 years


of ISOs lack software or data-driven tools and analytics capability

How Glassbeam
Benefits Your Business

Improve Your Operating Margins

  • Shift from an onsite to an online model, become more proactive and predictive with machine failures, parts shipments, increase MTTR, reduce FTFR
  • Empower support staff with system health check dashboards embedded in their service ticket workflows
  • Extract, collate and centralize a pool of knowledge base into Glassbeam Rules and AI/ML engine, automate support process, reduce support workload all the way through
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Resell Clinsights Service Analytics Module

  • Upsell multi-vendor multi-modality support contracts with predictive analytics offerings
  • Provide your service engineers access to mobile-ready Clinsights dashboards to manage fleet-wide health of GE, Siemens, and Philips, manufactured MRs, CTs, and Cathlabs
  • Reduce churn and increase attach rate of service renewals by bundling Glassbeam Clinsights with your premium support contracts to shift from reactive to predictive service delivery
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Resell Clinsights Utilization Analytics Module

  • Differentiate your offering by selling Glassbeams’ fleet wide utilization analytics solution covering all imaging vendor products and OEMs
  • Increase attach rate of service renewals with one more reason to stay with your service contract options
  • Increase market share by displacing competitive products from your customers’ installed base based on enhanced business value delivered through utilization analytics
Machine Data Analytics for Service Providers

Use Cases

Glassbeam offers Independent Service Providers a platform to integrate Clinsights into their service portfolio of medical equipment and maintenance services. Offer a comprehensive and integrated service solution that includes data-driven insights to enhance CAPEX and OPEX decisions effectively.

Leverage Analytical Data

Utilize a vendor agnostic analytics platform built to ingest data from disparate sources such as machine logs, DICOM, HL7, CMMS, and RIS, helping service engineers responsible for maintaining high SLA at healthcare provider sites.

Offer Proactive Maintenance Services

Extract insights from our machine log analytics platform and apply this data to build a comprehensive set of analytics dashboards that will align with healthcare providers’ unique needs.

Utilization Analytics

Provide the Clinsights Utilization Analytics module for ultrasound equipment, MRI, Computed Tomography (CT), and digital X-ray to better understand machine and facility utilization to drive operational efficiencies in Radiology and related departments.

Service Analytics

Provide the Clinsights Service Analytics module to increase machine uptime and become more proactive and predictive with machine alerts, errors, and warnings, all of which provides higher exam capacity per machine and facility, enabling better patient care with minimal disruption.

What Our Customers Say

“The number of signals coming from connected machines in the IoT market have surpassed the ability for humans to keep track of them years ago. I am excited to see Glassbeam, as a supporting member of D3 Center, taking a leadership role in leveraging artificial intelligence to change the rules of the game for the healthcare market.”

Lise Getoor, Professor of Computer Science and Center Director
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