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Our Built-in Applications Help You Make the Most of Your Data from Day One
The Value of Multi-Dimensional Applications

The Value of Multi-Dimensional Applications

One-dimensional tools to catalog and search large repositories of unfiltered machine (or log) data fill a certain need, but companies that want to extract greater value from their machine data need multi-dimensional applications that turn log files into actionable insights.

Full-Text Search

Search logs, find patterns, perform root cause analysis, save search expressions, share with peers, and build a knowledge base.

Build Rules & Take Action

Leverage complex event processing (CEP) capabilities of Glassbeam Rules engine to become more proactive.

Integrated Workflow

Navigate from Log Vault to Explorer to Rules & Alerts applications, in one workflow for analyzing issues on a system.

Drill-Down Dashboards

Build and deploy new dashboards using Workbench with filters and drilldowns for varied use cases.

Glassbeam Applications

Machine Data Analytics Applications


Perform powerful searches using keywords and Boolean parameters

  • Powerful ‘search and explore’ capability for machine log data
  • Full-text search and parametric search on hundreds of attributes
  • Supports an exhaustive search language
  • Explore machine data in both time series and multi-structured formats
  • Correlate data events around the time of an event across all the other devices or data sources
  • View logs as raw text or as a table with powerful interaction capabilities

Software Code

Log Vault

Centralized store for historical log data stored in original format

  • Single point of access for all machine data with a centralized cloud repository for all log files
  • A scalable repository stores the original format for offline analysis
  • View historical data anytime with quick filters to search for a log of interest combining interactive timelines with the ability to save views
  • Seamless search and filtering capabilities with integration to all Glassbeam apps: Explorer, Section Viewer/Diff, and custom dashboards

Rules and Alerts

Rules & Alerts

Real-time rules evaluation – in the path of parsing

  • Set up policy-driven rules on both streaming data and batch data
  • Set up thousands of rules and alerts without any impact on performance in real-time
  • Configure complex rules beyond using backend domain-specific language (DSL) provides a range of rules evaluation options based on either incoming rows of data or over a time period
  • Provides a range of rules evaluation options based on either incoming rows of data or a time period
  • Set up rules across multiple data sources with the versatility of our modern parsing architecture
  • Batch process rules either per file or bundle (collection of files)



Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for quick and easy ad hoc, visual analysis

  • Automatically convert log metrics to Measures and Dimensions to analyze underlying business performance
  • Build powerful calculations from data using hundreds of built-in functions and one-click forecasts
  • Customize reports based on business needs, create interactive dashboards to uncover insights with simple drag and drop features
  • Drag and drop reference lines and forecasts, review statistical summaries, do trend analyses, regressions, correlations, and more
  • Perform complex string operations from math to windowing functions with ease
  • Interact with dashboard reports with various types of charts, apply filters, export as an image or PDF, and share these reports with peers
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“Information Services and Analytics fits well within UCSF Health’s 2020 strategic goals. Investing in data systems and predictive analytics capabilities to help us facilitate service management, asset utilization and performance improvement of medical machines are critical to our success. We are confident Glassbeam’s unique analytics solution will help us tremendously as we scale our operations over the next few years.”

Ramana Sastry Director of Clinical Engineering
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