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Machine data contains critical information that can provide businesses a competitive edge. Glassbeam’s breakthrough SPL language unlocks this hidden value and is specifically designed to extract insights from “multi-dimensional” machine data.


of the OEMs collect machine logs as call-home or reactively as part of their support escalation process from customer sites


of the organizations have home grown tools and platforms that are unable to scale with “Big Data” analytics needs of the enterprise


of the surveyed accounts believe AI/ML and predictive analytics with machine data will dramatically change the competitive landscape by 2025

How Glassbeam
Benefits Your Business

Deeper Examination of Machine Data

Benefit from a deeper examination of machine data — reactive diagnostics, proactive problem identification, and business intelligence analysis. Machine data holds the unfiltered truth about products and how they are being used.

Glassbeam solutions not only index machine data but extract important insights about system performance and user/machine behavior that can be acted upon in a timely fashion.

  • Ingest terabytes of log data from your installed base, either through call-home or manual upload, and analyze at scale with years of data stored in the cloud
  • Drive a cross-functional enterprise-wide business impact with invaluable machine data insights across support, services, sales, marketing, and engineering organizations
  • Integrate Glassbeam insights with APIs and SSO integration into your CRM, ERP, Supply Chain, and other business systems to protect and enhance your legacy investment

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Tailor Results to your Business Needs

Glassbeam’s easy-to-understand, web-based dashboards provide visibility into how customers are configuring and using specific products, as well as how those products are performing in the field. Multi-dimensional log files contain many different types of information, which can be of value to different functions within an organization.

  • System identification — such as serial number(s) for elements in the system is essential to matching the source of log data with a specific customer.
  • Configuration information — such as software version, model number, hardware configuration, manufacturer information or file system configuration. Changes in software version or subsystem configuration can have a huge impact on performance. Knowing which customers have specific versions can help establish patterns in key metrics, such as performance problems or part failures.
  • Statistical data — such as response times, throughput, disk l/O, and network errors are core pieces of data that provide insight into customers’ product usage and performance. System messages such as events and alerts, frequency of events, and levels of severity or urgency, provide real-time notice regarding matters that require attention. A collective knowledge base can contribute to trend analysis, forecasting and the design of next-generation products.
Analysis of MRI Scans

Benefit from a Business-Centric Approach

A rich set of unfiltered machine data provides a broad context for extracting meaningful insights for practical business purposes.

  • Customer support — Operational data on issues such as product performance, faults, errors and other anomalies can help support personnel identify the sources of problems more quickly or in some cases even spot changes that need to be made to avert problems.
  • Product engineering and product management — Engineers and marketers traditionally rely on subjective means of assessing customer feedback and requests. With properly designed analysis of machine data, product engineers and marketers can base business decisions on hard facts from large numbers of users versus qualitative guesses.
  • Sales and professional services — Machine data provides up-to-the-minute information on key metrics, such as amount of disk space used, number of site licenses, and software version, to alert salespeople to opportunities for new revenue. Similarly, professional services staff can turn the results of machine data analysis into a sell-through service.
  • Senior management — Executives who want an understanding of how their products are performing with customers can view operational dashboards that reflect comprehensive, real-time, unfiltered facts.
Customer Support

Tangible Benefits with Significant ROI

  • Reduce support costs by optimizing troubleshooting and case resolution.
  • Increase revenues through new value-added services.
    Provide upsell and cross-sell opportunities for sales managers.
  • Increase sales bandwidth to focus on new sales opportunities vs. data collection for account management.
  • Access the unfiltered truth on product usage from the installed base to guide product development
Machine Data Analytics for Medical Device Manufacturers

Use Cases

Powered by Machine Learning, Glassbeam provides rich analytics to increase uptime, improve equipment utilization and enhance business intelligence.

Customer Support

Real time access for support engineers on the entire performance history of all installations of a particular product, searchable by any number of metrics possible.

Product Management

Drive product enhancement and development decisions with reliable end-user information and deliver highly detailed information on how product features are being used (or perhaps ignored).

Sales & Marketing

Get insightful usage reports on consumables and component failures to drive future sales, allowing account managers to better understand a hospital’s usage and growth profile.

Product Design

Machine data analytics play an important role in engineering design helping executives stay on a continuous learning, creating new ideas, and always improving their equipment.

What Our Customers Say

“At Canon Medical, our priority is to support our customers and their patients by providing Service solutions that help them face the challenges of today’s healthcare environment, including operational efficiency and productivity. With Clinsights from Glassbeam, we can arm our customers with insights about how they are using their systems, and facilities can apply this information to enhance efficiencies that benefit their organization and patients alike.”

Dominic Smith Vice President, Service Field & Sales
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