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Canon Medical Systems USA partners with Glassbeam to offer Clinsights

Read the latest press release announcing our partnership with Canon Medical USA to Provide AI-Powered insights and analytics into Service Operations.

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Glassbeam Expands Partner Ecosystem to Include Siemens Healthineers

Learn more about the announcement we made on the expansion of our partner ecosystem to include Siemens Healthineers in the Strategic Reseller program.

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Best Teleworking Solution for the Healthcare Industry Award

Glassbeam Awarded 2020 TMCnet's Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award. Glassbeam AI application Clinsights honored for exceptional solution support.

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Global Coverage with Thousands of Assets

+ Million
Hardware and software sensors
+ Billion
Data points per day
+ Trillion
Data points historically
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Business Impact

Leverage AI and Machine Learning on your medical equipment’s machine data to become proactive and data driven.

Recover $3.4 Million* in revenues and $1.3 Million* in support cost saving by deploying Glassbeam solution in the cloud for your imaging fleet.

Test drive business impact at your facility.

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*3-year financial projections based on a facility with 5 MRI and 5 CT Scanner.

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Glassbeam is disrupting the status-quo as a comprehensive fleet-wide analytics solution for analyzing machine uptime and utilization data in a single pane of glass.

  • Recover millions of dollars in lost revenues by increasing machine uptime to 99% and above.
  • Apply rule-based anomaly detection and alerting for field engineers to take proactive and predictive action.
  • Optimize capital budgets for expensive imaging modalities by tracking asset utilization across the entire fleet.
  • Benchmark utilization by viewing aggregated time taken per procedure, machine, operator, and facility.

Glassbeam is a world-class big data platform for machine data analytics best suited for any medical equipment used for imaging, diagnostics, and advanced therapies.

  • Ingest terabytes of log data from your installed base, either through call-home or manual upload, and analyze at scale with years of data stored in the cloud
  • Drive a cross-functional enterprise-wide business impact with invaluable machine data insights across support, services, sales, marketing, and engineering organizations
  • Integrate Glassbeam insights with APIs and SSO integration into your CRM, ERP, Supply Chain, and other business systems to protect your legacy investment

Enhance your multi-vendor support & service solutions and create a differentiated offering leveraging machine data insights with Glassbeam Clinsights.

  • Improve margins on your service operations by doing more with less, introducing automation and analytics as part of your backend infrastructure
  • Provide higher uptime SLA to your customers, move unplanned downtime into planned maintenance windows, driving higher customer retention and satisfaction
  • Become a reseller of Glassbeam Clinsights, white-label under “powered by Glassbeam” program if needed, and increase attach rate on service contract renewals

Key Resources to Understand Our Healthcare Play

Glassbeam Solution for the Imaging Market

Learn how to overcome 8-15 downtime events per year that result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue that healthcare providers can ill afford.

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Glassbeam for Healthcare

Understand how to enable 'smart maintenance' with proactive alerts, predictive notifications, and prescriptive recommendations.

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FAQs about Glassbeam CLEAN Blueprint

Get answers to key questions on our Glassbeam Healthcare solution for biomedical and clinical engineering departments.

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Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning with Glassbeam

Provides a better and efficient way to manage part failures and reducing part replacement.

Helps prevent damage caused by the sustained operation of a device under extreme or abnormal conditions using anomaly detection.

Offers a superior approach than the traditional rule-of-thumb for identifying abnormal or extreme sensor values.

Glassbeam offers Machine Learning-based technology for predicting part failures within a prescribed timeframe for a variety of parts in different modalities such as CT scanner, MRI scanner, Ultrasound, and other medical devices. Our technology is manufacturer agnostic.

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Product Spotlight – Clinsights™

Utilization Analytics

  • Allows real-time monitoring of asset utilization on a monthly, daily, or hourly granularity across all imaging modalities.
  • Compare utilization among facilities or between vendors.
  • Compares operator performance against a benchmark or set of peers to identify the need for improved training or on-boarding process.
  • Provides analysis of procedures for a particular patient along with timeline and type of procedure.

Services Analytics

  • Use Glassbeam’s CLEAN™ blueprint for connecting systems from GE, Siemens, and Philips.
  • Collect and analyze data from 30+ parameters cryogen levels, cold head temperature, and magnet pressure.
  • Eliminates manual effort and provides a continuous measure for service team performance KPIs.
  • Analyses how operators use CT scanners like the idle time between exams and time taken for exams.