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Glassbeam is the premier machine data analytics company for healthcare.

Transform, analyze, and leverage actionable insights utilizing artificial intelligence/machine learning applications on multi-structured logs.

Modern healthcare service providers and imaging departments are leveraging Glassbeam’s Utilization Analytics to drive a 12%+ increase in asset utilization and scheduling.

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White Paper: Applying Machine Learning to Data Analytics

Utilizing machine data to reduce unplanned downtime and improve service operations efficiency.

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Drive Operational Efficiency

Drive Operational Efficiency

Consolidate and analyze equipment, staff performance and utilization data to anticipate interruptions and optimize workflow, schedules and staffing for effective and efficient service and clinical operations.

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Manage Fleet-wide Utilization

Make your data actionable. Understand medical equipment utilization and opportunities for optimization. Glassbeam provides real-time insights to unlock greater efficiencies and access based on data patterns and outliers.

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Minimize Unplanned Downtime

Anticipating required service instead of reacting to an emergency, dramatically improves system availability during operating hours – increasing system uptime, utilization and patient/staff satisfaction.

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Elevate Business Intelligence

Deliver enterprise-wide impact through machine data insights. Analyze terabytes of log data for patterns to build correlations and share knowledge. Achieve breakthrough product and service excellence.

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Discover, transform, analyze and visualize data from complex machine logs.

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Manufacturer Solutions

Unlock hidden value and extract insights from “multi-dimensional” machine data.

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100X Increase your time to value by 100x.

Glassbeam’s patented platform ingests any complex log file and scales from gigaytes to terabytes of data per day. Our powerful proprietary language builds analytics from log data in a single step.

Actionable Insights Change the Way You Work


Assets Connected (MR, CT, Cath Lab)


Exams (Annual)


Terabytes (and increasing) Analytics Data Lake

Customer Results

Cannon Medical

Supporting over 250 Service Engineers with proactive alerts and IB analytics

Harris Health System

Gained 70-80 hours of productive, revenue generating time per machine annually

US Radiology Specialists

Avoided revenue leakage of $80,000 per machine

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