Why Visiting Our Booth at AHRA 2019 is an Unmissable Opportunity to Recover Thousands of Dollars in Lost Revenues

Puneet Pandit
Are you attending the AHRA 2019 Event? If you are, you must plan on visiting our booth #205.

This event is designed to keep up with the latest developments in the world of imaging, with a keen focus on using AI-driven analytics in the clinical engineering and radiology world.

I’d like to give you three great reasons to visit our booth at AHRA Denver.
  • Enhanced Software Suite ClinsightsTM: Once you see this demo on a mobile device like iPad, you will be blown away with its rich analytics! This is the industry’s first application that unifies radiology and clinical engineering use cases to drive operational effectiveness with higher machine uptime and utilization across any modality in your healthcare facilities.
  • Meet Radiology & Biomed Experts in our booth: We have teamed up with our partners like Browns Medical Imaging (BMI) and National Imaging Resources (NIR) in our booth to discuss your challenges on Clinical Engineering & Radiology workflows and how Clinsights™ can help solve them using our analytics. Let’s have a discussion with these experts using real-world use cases using PACS, environmental sensors, machine logs data, and so on. Let me assure you when you see our solution, you will want to try it. And we have a 30-day free trial program! Let’s discuss.
  • A showcase of a Prominent Customer Case Study – All of the above points will be anchored by live presentation and demo of a customer that is actively using the Glassbeam analytics solution for managing their imaging assets. We will be also distributing collateral as a case study for this deployment. Come on over to our booth and we will walk you through this customer case study in detail.
    Intrigued? Would you be interested in scheduling time with one of our experts at the booth? Click a convenient demo slot here: Schedule a 1:1 Demo at Booth #205.

See you all at Denver next week!