What’s New in Medical Equipment: 2018 AAMI Conference Highlights and Glassbeam Announcements

Vijay Vasudevan

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Conference and Expo is a big stage for conversations about innovation, advancements, and security for medical equipment. Our team recently attended the 2018 expo in Long Beach, CA, and we were thrilled to mingle with like-minded industry professionals who share our interests in the advancement of medical instrumentation. Below, we’ve shared a few highlights and hot topics from the event, as well as details on recent company announcements we made at the show.

AAMI 2018 Conference and Expo Highlights

We noticed several key trends in event conversations, panels and presentations:

  • Emerging technology: Understanding and advancing the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in connected medical devices
    AI was top of mind at AAMI, representing both challenges and opportunities in the industry. As with any emerging technology, there are challenges in integrating new AI solutions and legacy systems, but all of the industry professionals we encountered were so excited about the possibilities of AI that they have their best minds working on development and implementation. Healthcare is ripe for disruption by AI, but securing connected medical devices, reducing workloads, and maximizing equipment uptime (and therefore, revenues) appear to be the most immediately promising use cases.
  • Market gap: Providers and ISOs alike seeking reliable predictive machine analytics
    Machine downtime is inevitable, but whether or not downtime is planned or unplanned makes all the difference in profitability, patient satisfaction and efficiency of facility operations. Representatives from Huntington Hospital pointed out that many medical devices are interconnected, and downtime can impact more than just one modality, resulting in significant hospital-wide system effects. The demand for predictive machine analytics was clear from the traffic at the Glassbeam booth, where our AI solution with anomaly detection for imaging modalities was on display. We had conversations with both healthcare providers and ISOs who were interested in the ability to make strategic, data-driven decisions and save millions in maintenance costs by increasing uptime to more than 99.5 percent.
  • Hot topic: FDA reports on the importance of servicing medical devices
    The FDA recently released a report that excited us so much that we wrote a blog post about its implications. Machines never lie, and the ultimate truth about machine health, performance and usage are constantly being recorded. We were thrilled to hear that the rest of the medical equipment community is equally as enthusiastic about the FDA taking a firm stance on maintaining the quality, safety, and effectiveness of medical devices. The FDA found that “data resulting from the maintenance and repair of medical devices provide valuable insight into the adequacy of the performance of devices.”
  • Industry challenge: Protecting medical equipment from cyber threats
    From patching to remediation, cybersecurity was a hot topic at AAMI. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and when it comes to medical equipment, device security can actually be a matter of life or death. The obligation to protect patients and their data are understood even when unspoken, but there was plenty of conversation about how suppliers and providers can collaborate, identifying top security risks, and the evolving role of AI in securing connected medical devices.
Glassbeam Announcements

We also made a couple of big announcements at the show:

Glassbeam Partners with Calamed in the Caribbean and Latin America

We are excited to announce our most recent ISO partnership with Calamed, which will bring Glassbeam’s AI-based predictive analytics solution to Caribbean and Latin American healthcare markets. The addition of Glassbeam’s predictive analytics will make Calamed an attractive option for healthcare providers, as the ISO now has the competitive advantage of being able to offer an integrated view across an entire fleet of imaging equipment at affordable costs.

Glassbeam Unveils AI Anomaly Detection

We are also proud to announce the expansion of our AI solution with Anomaly Detection models for imaging modalities. Advanced medical imaging equipment uses a variety of hardware and software systems that constantly generate valuable machine data signals in complex log formats – including variables such as temperatures, speeds, water flow, and more. Glassbeam uses AI to predict anomalies on these data sets, thus empowering organizations to save millions of dollars in maintenance cost and make strategic data-driven decisions.