TDWI Business Intelligence Journal publishes Glassbeam’s Op Ed article on turning around Healthcare Providers’ performance

Puneet Pandit

TDWI Business Intelligence Volume 23 Number 2 carries my article on the antidote to improving a Healthcare provider’s performance. I have based the article on Harbor Research’s Machine Data Analytics Drives Innovation in Healthcare Market research report.

To give you an idea of the focus of the 27 page Harbor Research report is that most healthcare providers have a tremendous amount of data locked away in high-end machines and at their disposal. However, actually deriving meaningful insights from that data and taking a sound action is easier said than done.

In my article for TDWI’s Business Intelligence (BI) journal, I focus on providing corrective actions healthcare provider can take using machine data-driven insights. Actions based on four key areas where the providers’ bottom line is impacted the most, consequently, their day-to-day performance both on underused capital expenses as well as operational factors. The four areas are machine uptime availability, supply chain, asset utilization, and capital expenditures. I love to share these insights with you; do send me a brief note to get a copy of the article.

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Apart from my article, Volume 23 edition carries the voices of leading BI practitioners who in a similar vein echo my outlook on tackling some of the most pressing challenges CIOs, data strategists, big data scientists, and BI operational experts are tackling in other areas of data management, data lakes, and so on. I particularly found the articles from Hugh J. Watson and Brandon Obenauf who talk about Organizing for Customer-Facing BI and Analytics and the article on BI Expert’s Perspective: Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses by Scott Barnes, Tracy Ring Cryder, Stephen J. Smith, and Ed White both insightful and visionary. Also, this edition covers the winners of the TDWI Best Practices Awards 2018. Some interesting mix of a large private bank, a US-based telecommunication giant, and the US Navy picking up the awards.

Do go over here to read the editorial summary of the journal.

Are you are keen to get a hold of BI Journal’s Volume 23 edition, do send an email to We would be happy to share the complimentary copy with you. I look forward to your thoughts on the article, once you get a chance to review the journal.

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