Scaling Machine Data analytics for the Internet of Things – Introducing Glassbeam Scalar

Puneet Pandit

It’s a new era…

Welcome to the Internet of Things – where every connected physical device will generate volumes of machine data. And the key to extracting the intelligence and meaning locked inside this data will lie in a highly scalable platform and a set of applications. At Glassbeam, today marks the launch of that that truly next generation platform purpose-built for machine data analytics – Glassbeam SCALAR.

In addition to Glassbeam SCALAR, we are expanding our solutions to include Glassbeam Explorer, a new cloud based application that provides search and explore capabilities to the raw data. And to complete the story, we are finally launching much awaited Glassbeam Studio in Beta today that drives 10x productivity in building SPL™, our patent pending definition language, that allows our SCALAR platform to decipher the hidden meaning inside machine data.

With these new product announcements, we are delivering a core platform, apps and tools that lets our customers and partners unlock product and customer intelligence for the entire enterprise. By organizing and analyzing log data of any type or format, Glassbeam SCALAR can bring clarity to the complex multi structured machine data.

In fact, our company name (Glassbeam) was chosen to reflect a commitment to cutting through the clutter and giving a clear view on operational and business analytics for users across the entire enterprise. Today we are renewing that promise to the market and our customers.