Our next meetup talks of big data technologies in glassbeam scalar

Pramod Sridharamurthy

At Glassbeam, we are big fans of Functional Programming and Scala. SCALAR our hyper scale big data platform was built ground up using Scala. Additionally, we utilize the AKKA actor framework for asynchronous and distributed processing. We truly believe that SCALAR as an evolutionary platform for organizing and analyzing complex machine data in the era of the Internet of things (IOT). In case you missed it, here is the SCALAR launch ANNOUNCEMENT.

As a continuation to our LEARN-TEACH-REPEAT Initiative, we are hosting our first meetup on Functional programming in Bangalore. We will discuss how we leverage the Scala and Akka framework in SCALAR. Like our other meetups, this will be an interactive session, where we will talk about some specific use cases, our learnings from the process; and as always, engage with fellow attendees to learn about their varied experiences in using these platforms. Come join us and lets’ talk Scala!