New analyst coverage reflecting exciting developments

Vijay Vasudevan

It’s a busy summer at Glassbeam – we’re entering new verticals and also rolling out some game-changing product features. We constantly talk to industry analysts to keep them abreast of key developments at Glassbeam, and as a result of these conversations a couple of important Analyst coverage reports have been published in recent times.

The Taneja group authored an INDUSTRY REPORT on how IoT is changing the converged and hyperconverged (and by extension the evolved data center) markets. These markets represent the quintessential nature of “big data” – continuous machine data at large scale and with tremendous variety. Vendors in this space are often the ‘single throat to choke” for their end-customers; which means that when something breaks, they quickly have to identify which of the underlying products in the stack has malfunctioned. Further, these vendors are often faced with increasing customer expectations to act as the knowledge expert and to keep installations running, current, and optimized. Glassbeam’s granular and detailed analytics can unravel detailed business and technical insights that helps vendors in this space confidently offer front line support, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.

The 451 Group also authored a NEW IMPACT REPORT (the previous one was published in Oct, 2014) that talks about Glassbeam Studio – an evolutionary new offering that makes it significantly easier and faster to ingest and parse machine data. As many of you know, one of our secret sauces is a Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) that converts raw log files to structured data. Traditionally, we’ve worked with each new customer to author SPL for their unique use case; however with Studio, our customers can model and structure their data with great ease and then view these results in Dashboards, in Rules/Alerts, or search through the data with Glassbeam Explorer. Glassbeam Studio helps us offer a more holistic Analytics platform and greatly expedites the process of turning raw data into business insights.