If It’s Not Broken You Can Still Fix It: ISOs See Value of Predictive Analytics

Vijay Vasudevan

Capital expenditures for healthcare equipment totaled more than $350 billion in 2016, according to Harbor Research. Healthcare organizations and Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) are now turning to AI and machine learning to predict and prevent equipment failures and reduce operational costs.

Machine log data is the key to unlocking extensive cost savings, but the right tools are needed to make sense of the data. This can get tricky when dealing with large quantities of machines from various manufacturers.

Glassbeam’s predictive analytics solution analyzes complex machine performance logs – aggregated from different machine types and manufacturers into one holistic dashboard – to increase imaging device uptime, reduce service costs and reclaim lost revenue from unplanned downtime.

We recently announced a new ISO partnership with Radiographic Equipment Services (RES). We are excited to welcome RES as a Glassbeam reseller in Southern California. The company’s first implementation will be with Scripps Health, the nationally-ranked integrated healthcare system based in San Diego.

By implementing Glassbeam’s predictive analytics, Scripps Health is taking proactive measures to save millions of dollars in downtime costs for an entire fleet of diagnostic equipment. Glassbeam and RES will provide comprehensive support and service for Scripps’ entire fleet of imaging devices, regardless of manufacturer or machine type.

The Benefits of Using ISOs with Predictive Maintenance Capabilities

RES is the most recent ISO to take advantage of Glassbeam’s reseller program to sell Glassbeam predictive maintenance solutions, on the heels of a new deal with ISO Brown’s Medical Imaging (BMI) earlier this month.

There are many cost containment issues in today’s healthcare landscape, making ISOs an ideal solution for healthcare providers that seek affordable options and an integrated view across their entire fleet of imaging equipment. ISOs like RES and BMI offer sophisticated solutions and services at reasonable costs.

Healthcare organizations typically use many machines from multiple manufacturers. ISOs with Glassbeam’s analytic platform can help healthcare providers reduce disparate information and service agreements into one integrated platform, saving time and money that can instead be directed to patient care. Glassbeam structures complex data into a unified view for both the clinicians and the modality service teams.

With Glassbeam, ISOs are able to offer better, less expensive service options than expensive, disparate original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service contracts, and by being proactive, rather than reactive. ISOs can add a great deal of value to service contracts by offering Glassbeam’s analytic solution.

Glassbeam Benefits Patients and Providers

Predictive analytics allow healthcare organizations to implement proactive maintenance, rather than reactive. By turning unplanned downtime into planned downtime, healthcare providers can avoid lost revenues and reduce inconveniences to their most important stakeholder – patients.

Glassbeam can predict machine failure more than a week in advance, allowing teams to take action right away, rather than waiting until scheduled quarterly maintenance time to identify an issue. Maintenance can be planned during off-time, instead of failing in the middle of a busy day and negatively impacting patients who took time out of their schedules for a scan.

Furthermore, being able to see exactly what type of procedures are being done and how often offers administrators an asset utilization snapshot that can inform strategy and add more value without having to buy more equipment. By using the equipment and personnel they already have, the entire healthcare cycle can be optimized.

As more ISOs and providers offer and implement predictive maintenance, costs will be driven down, and facilities will be able to offer better healthcare by saving money in machinery.

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