Glassbeam Technical User Group – A Collective Group of Biomedical Experts with a Mission to Create Healthcare Industry’s First Analytics Knowledge Base on Medical Equipment Utilization and Performance

Vivek Sundaram

We are proud to announce the launch of Glassbeam Technical User Group (GTUG). This is a pivotal step we are taking in fostering collaboration across the user-driven analytics community of Glassbeam users.  There are several goals, the primary one being to help consolidate best practices and knowledge base on medical equipment usage and diagnostics that can then be shared amongst customers and partners of Glassbeam.

Connect with experts.

Glassbeam Technical User Group members will benefit from unrivaled peer-to-peer guidance and opportunities to build AI-based solutions on top of the Glassbeam solution stack.

GTUG members will be dedicated to sharing ideas, best practices, and exploring opportunities to develop advisory solutions in tackling the critical challenges of various imaging modalities. The group will bring together experts representing the varied OEM modalities under a single forum.

Meet the new champions breaking down silos.

We at Glassbeam fundamentally believe that such challenges can only be tackled by working together across disciplinary and organizational boundaries of healthcare provider organizations, ISOs, and OEMs. The siloed expertise stuck as tribal knowledge with few experts has to be culled out and consolidated and shared, leveraging an actionable analytics platform like Glassbeam.

By focusing on cross-modality collaboration on the GTUG forum, the healthcare industry will benefit from members who will be innovating through collaboration on complex challenges such as equipment performance and optimal utilization of imaging modalities.

We have some exciting programs as part of the GTUG initiative that’s been given final touches. I’d invite you to stay in touch and keep yourself tuned for upcoming updates in the next blog post.

Meanwhile, you could learn a bit more about the announcement from here.