Glassbeam Q3 Highlights: Expanded Partnerships, Solution Capabilities and HIPAA Compliance

Puneet Pandit

We are now three-quarters of the way through 2018 and very proud of our team’s many accomplishments this year. From new offerings and partnerships to certifications and industry event participation, we have made great strides towards our goal of expanding our advanced analytics offerings to include support for more healthcare equipment types and manufacturers.

Glassbeam’s AI-based analytics solutions are now certified and secure for HIPAA compliance and available for biomedical devices and ultrasound machines. We have added Environmental Variable Monitoring to our solution so organizations can understand and optimize the effects of external factors – like room temperature and humidity – on medical equipment performance. And most importantly, new partnerships are allowing us to bring the power of predictive maintenance and analytics to many more healthcare organizations worldwide.
Read on to hear more about our most recent company news and highlights.

Environmental Variable Monitoring Can Optimize Medical Equipment Performance

Have you considered how factors like humidity, room or tube temperature, and fan speed can affect the performance of medical devices? We introduced Environmental Variable Monitoring (EVM) to measure how external conditions correlate to equipment health and alert maintenance teams on the immediacy and importance of any issues that could lead to downtime.

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Glassbeam Integrates Solution with DICOM Data and Adds Machines Analytics for Biomedical Devices

We recently expanded our Clinical Engineering Analytics (CLEAN™) solution to include biomedical equipment such as patient monitors and blood syringes. While not quite as expensive as imaging equipment like MRI machines and CT scanners, healthcare providers often have hundreds to thousands of biomedical devices in their install base. Machine log data insights from biomedical devices provide an understanding of the usage, health, and overall operational effectiveness of biomedical equipment – bringing us one step closer to our goal of providing a single-pane view into the performance of entire fleets of medical equipment, regardless of type or manufacturer.

Glassbeam is the only AI analytics solution to combine machine logs with DICOM data. Medical devices transmit invaluable data about machine health, errors, and utilization, but these come from many different data sources and in many different formats. Glassbeam assimilates all of this data from disparate sources to provide a singular view into the performance of entire fleets of medical equipment.

Advanced Analytics Solutions Secured for HIPAA Compliance

We completed a HIPAA compliance certification through Online Business Systems to safeguard against access to patients protected health information (PHI) collected through Glassbeam’s analytics solution. Since expanding into biomedical devices, we collect and analyze DICOM data, which is pulled from a data source that contains PHI. This certification, which follows guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, ensures that patient data is secure.

New Partnership With NIR Reinforces Value of Glassbeam for ISOs

Many healthcare providers are exploring beyond equipment service contracts with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) towards a hybrid combination of resources from in-house, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), and OEMs for equipment care. Historically, ISOs and in-house equipment service teams have lagged behind OEMs in terms of analytics and sophistication. ISOs are hungry to provide more than machine maintenance and want to build deeper, stronger relationships with clients by providing value-added services like analytics about machine utilization and performance.

This is where Glassbeam’s predictive analytics solution comes in. Adding Glassbeam software empowers ISOs to be more data- and analytics-driven and provide a highly differentiated value to their clients. We are excited to partner with National Imaging Resources (NIR) to provide Glassbeam artificial intelligence and predictive analytics software to its nationwide, multivendor service organization. Read more about the powerful partnership here.

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Glassbeam Receives Recognition for Healthcare IoT Solutions

We strongly believe that we have only scratched the surface of the value of complex machine data. We are proud to share that IoT Evolution Magazine recognized our advancements in the healthcare technology industry with the 2018 IoT Evolution Product of The Year Award, and look forward to continuing to find ways to help healthcare organizations maximize revenue and improve patient care.

We are also grateful for our friend and partner Cary Lucian, Senior Vice President at Radiographic Equipment Services (RES) for his kind words on how Glassbeam helps RES stay one step ahead and provide better services to its customers.

Hear more from Cary on the value of Glassbeam predictive analytics for healthcare technology.

What’s Next?

We are heading to Seattle for MD Expo on October 5-7 and would love to see you there! We will be demoing our advanced analytics solutions at booth #715. If you want to meet at the show and talk about how Glassbeam can maximize equipment performance and revenue, schedule a meeting with our team.

Would you like to see Glassbeam analytics in action? Register for our webinar with Summit Imaging and MD Publishing on October 24th to learn about how healthcare providers can lower service costs and optimize the performance and utilization of fleets of ultrasound equipment with full remote visibility into device usage for multiple manufacturers, such as Phillips, Siemens, and Toshiba.

For the rest of this year and into the next, we will continue expanding our offerings to include more medical equipment types and manufacturers. We will continue to develop our solution to make insights more advanced and dashboards more customizable while keeping our interface simple and user-friendly. We will also bring together leaders in healthcare technology to discuss some of the most pressing industry issues. Stay tuned!