Glassbeam Preview at RSNA – New Partners, Solutions and Demos

Puneet Pandit

Our vision at Glassbeam is to create extraordinary outcomes for our customers and the communities they serve by harnessing the power of connected machines. Our mission is to simplify and bring clarity to the world of complex connected machine data. In the world of healthcare, that equates to an integrated view of equipment health, performance and utilization across all medical equipment types and manufacturers. Powered by AI & Machine Learning, Glassbeam’s cloud-based advanced analytics solutions deliver business value to OEMs, ISOs and healthcare providers and are available anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Next week at RSNA we’re showcasing our progress toward bringing this vision to life.

We’ll unveil expanded offerings, new data integrations, and introduce new partners and customers who are helping us support more healthcare equipment types and manufacturers and extend the power of Glassbeam analytics worldwide.

Download this guide to Glassbeam for Healthcare to find out how our solutions optimize healthcare equipment performance and revenue.

Glassbeam for Imaging Equipment

Since we launched our MRI and CT Scanner analytics solution in 2016, we have done several upgrades to it especially with a rich rules engine and AI/ML capabilities. You will see this in our demos at RSNA. For a healthcare provider, imaging modalities such as MRIs and CTs are the biggest contributor to service costs. Today, imaging equipment like MRIs suffer 8-15 downtime events per year on average, and downtime per event is typically 6+ hours. For a site with multiple MRIs, this represents millions of dollars in lost revenue healthcare providers can ill afford.

Glassbeam’s solution for the imaging market is built using Glassbeam platform’s unique capability to process disparate data sources and apply advanced analytics powered by AI and ML. It addresses expensive and inadequate performance monitoring by lowering costs and offering deeper analytics to increase uptime and utilization.

To learn about our solutions for imaging equipment, download Glassbeam for Imaging.

Glassbeam for Ultrasound Market

We recently partnered with RENOVO SOLUTIONS to provide a joint solution for service and utilization analytics specific to ultrasound equipment. Current ultrasound monitoring solutions tend to be expensive and inadequate, resulting in more than 50 percent of these machines lacking any monitoring or service contracts.

Consumable replacements and under-utilization represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in service cost and lost revenue. By using the proactive approach of predictive maintenance, providers can improve uptime to more than 99.5 percent, reduce the number of replacements, and significantly increase utilization efficiency.

Our joint solution leverages Glassbeam’s AI-powered machine data analytics to convert unplanned downtime into planned downtime by predicting failures and identifying utilization inefficiencies. Along with a system health dashboard that identifies error patterns and allows for custom rules and alerts, we can provide granular utilization information about the number of procedures, types of application, frequency and duration of probe usage, facility comparison and more. We can even provide insight into the idle time between exams and compare exam time per sonographer.

Find out more about the power of utilization analytics for the ultrasound market in Glassbeam for Ultrasound.

Glassbeam for Utilization Analytics: Integration with DICOM data

The quest to increase patient satisfaction is forcing healthcare providers to improve operational efficiencies, reduce patient revisits and reschedules, understand referral leakage and maximize utilization.

As an example, machine data can be used to identify inefficiencies in physician referrals or operator performance, and to redirect patients, improving clinical workflow by reducing wait times. Real-time information on utilization informs decisions related to using the right machine and operator at the right time and guides data-driven capital and operational expenditure decisions.

Glassbeam’s cloud-based solution collects and translates data that is siloed across medical equipment and applications. Our utilization analytics offer valuable insights into equipment usage, frequency, and type of procedures, physician referral trends, patient revisits, and even equipment operator comparison. This data can be monitored hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, and can be categorized by equipment type, facility, vendor and/or operator.

Learn how utilization analytics improve operational efficiency and guide data-driven decisions in Glassbeam for Utilization Analytics.

Glassbeam and Smart CMMS: Looking to the Future

We will soon announce a technical collaboration with a leading CMMS partner to Integrate Machine Data Insights into CMMS Systems for leading healthcare organizations. CMMS software is the backbone of the medical equipment maintenance market that is expected to reach $47.4 billion by 2023 from $28.9 billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 10.4 percent.

With the advent of IoT, connected machines will power the next generation and growth of “Smart CMMS” software. The business impact will be significant as these deployments will predict and improve machine performance based on critical issues recognized in machine log data, highlight anomalies in critical KPIs, forecast utilization and report on poor operator training and related metrics. Overall, CMMS software powered by data-driven insights from machine data will change the industry paradigm forever in years to come.

RSNA Meetings and Changing Healthcare Technology Management

The expansion into new modalities like Ultrasound machines, biomedical equipment, environmental variable monitoring, and integration with DICOM data are all powerful indicators that access to the new machine and data types enable us to develop a more robust and powerful solution with each new customer and partner. We look forward to what our future holds in healthcare technology management.

If you’re at RSNA, stop by Glassbeam Booth #2674 (South Level 3) for a demo, or schedule a meeting to discuss potential integrations, partnerships and how Glassbeam can help maximize equipment utilization, performance, and revenues.