Glassbeam helps uncover big savings for our Health Care customers

John Ferraro

As the Head of Sales at Glassbeam, nothing gives me more pleasure than a face to face meeting, where the customer is telling me how Glassbeam Analytics is helping them save money. While there are so many metrics that can measure the health of an account or the ’Happiness index’ of a customer, nothing beats this: “John, last week, your product avoided a $10,000 quench event!” That’s music to anyone’s ears, especially a Sales guy. A meeting like this reinforces the value that we bring to the table and showcases the smart work that our Engineering team has put to ensure the right solution is in place.

Hospitals spend a lot of money on maintaining their ultrasound, CT scanners, and MRIs machines. In addition, they tend to lose revenue due to unplanned downtimes. These downtimes, beyond revenue loss can potentially damage a hospital’s reputation, thus hurting its long-term profitability. See a recent blog on this topic here. Apart from maintenance and downtime costs, there’s also the challenge of suboptimal use of the equipment and technicians. Without clear metrics like number of scans per device, duration of these scans, type of scans being performed, type of issues on the device, utilization of its technicians, and the ability to assess the skill level of the staff, it’s impossible to take informed decisions to improve utilization of the machines or the skill levels of the technicians.

Hospitals and health care providers are a core focus for us as we have a solution that is one of a kind which provides analytics to prevent failures, identify an issue when failure is imminent, improve device utilization, and identify skill gaps in the staff for training. This results in immediate revenue saving opportunities for the hospitals and a much improved services levels for their patients. Being one of kind does not easily convert into more customers as you need to find early adopters and set the trend in the market. But if you have a solid story and a value proposition like what we do, then it is a matter of time before the hospitals see value and you go on to become the market leader. I am upbeat about this.

With our scalable platform, a powerful parsing language, and a bunch of ‘out of the box’ applications, we have been able to ingest large amounts of log data from complex (and expensive) medical devices like ultrasound scanners, MRI machine, CT scanners, and other complex devices. In fact, we have an off-the-shelf solution just for hospital networks and imaging centres, that we can deploy in a day or two and be able to show value to any hospital or dedicated imaging centres. How about that!

These are early days for us as we have just started deploying our solution in some of the biggest hospital networks. I am hearing my customers say in my weekly calls, “My Glassbeam Analytics dashboards helps me evaluate each service call remotely before going to the site with possibly the wrong parts” and in other instances “Your MRI monitoring dashboard helped avoid a burn off in the Helium cooling system that in the past cost more than $5000 to repair” or “I review the Glassbeam dashboards every morning to help me plan and prioritize my day”. It’s just a matter of time when we can get onboard most of the hospitals around the world to feel this way!

As a Head of Sales, I can’t ask for a better time and place to help change the way hospitals manage their machines, particularly imaging devices!

Want to know about our Healthcare Machine Data Analytics solutions, here’s 5 min brief you can glance over.