Glassbeam at RSNA 2017 in Chicago

Puneet Pandit

RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) show each year in Chicago is a watershed event for healthcare industry. The Glassbeam team had a great run this year during Nov 26-29 period meeting with leaders from successful companies ranging from medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers to large ISO organizations. We met with Siemens Healthineers, Renovo, Sodexo, St. Luke’s, Intermountain, UCSF Health, Duke University, Gateway Diagnostics Imaging and many others.

Our CLEAN™ blueprint resonated really well with the audience along with a presentation and live demo on MRI, CT and Ultrasound equipment that showcased key use cases such as:

  • Fleet Management and Utilization: Enables users to track asset utilization across the entire fleet and break down asset utilization by the number of procedures, types of procedures, procedure duration, uptime and idle time.
  • Operator Utilization and Process Optimization: Provides views into aggregated time taken per procedure type per operator to find gaps in training and effective machine utilization.
  • System Health Dashboard: Enables service engineers to remotely monitor and set thresholds on key machine parameters such as helium level, magnet pressure, cold head temperature, compressor off time, tube arcs and abort on a per machine basis.

With interactive discussions on our demo (and there were many suggested enhancements to our analytics) we were able to drive home key strategic benefits, such as:

  • Faster Time to Market and Value: Our biggest differentiation is speed, nimbleness, and an ability to deliver a ready-made solution for key modalities like MRI and CT Scanners today, in less than 4 weeks, leveraging our CLEAN™ analytics blueprint.
  • Multi-Modality Multi-Manufacturer Solution: Healthcare providers are looking for an integrated view across their entire fleet. Glassbeam’s strength in mining complex logs from all modalities and manufacturers into a single pane of glass is a key offering.
  • Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics: Glassbeam platform is fully integrated with latest Machine Learning algorithms that can provide deep insights with Anomaly Detection, Preemptive Failure Analysis, and Utilization Forecasting dashboards.

All in all, it was a great show. We hope to convert many of these prospect discussions into customers in 2018. So, stay tuned as we go deeper into the healthcare market!