Expanding Customer Base and Thought Leadership Conversations That Make Us Proud of Q1 FY2019

Puneet Pandit

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2019! As always, we present some of the key milestones we have achieved last quarter. This quarterly recap highlights the ways we are bringing all our business functions to make a positive impact on our customers and our partner ecosystem.

Growth Momentum in Our Customer Base Continues

We had 15 new customers sign on in last quarter Q1! To give you a perspective of the growth in our customer base, that’s more than what we had signed on for the entire FY2018. It is a testament of the ways Glassbeam is using its expertise (particularly in the Healthcare industry), data, resources, and scale to open new pathways to opportunities and growth. Among the new customers coming on board, one of the largest healthcare networks in Texas has signed on to use Glassbeam Analytics on their statewide fleet of MRI and CT Scanners.

Harnessing New Healthcare Machine Data Sources to Promote Wider Inclusion of Analytics Footprint

At Glassbeam, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help healthcare providers solve pressing challenges on excess capital expenditure, sub-optimal utilization of physical resources, and long term serviceability of assets. This quarter, we made further headway to deliver on that mission to combine DICOM, HL7 and service ticket data from CMMS systems’ data with machine logs.

As an immediate result of this, Healthcare providers are well positioned to use our AI/ML powered insights from the combined data and acquire the deep business. As one of the most innovative machine data analytics company in the healthcare realm, we are now well positioned to combine and analyze from some of the most complex and diverse data sources. And a lot more development is cooking at our engineering front; I encourage you to join our business briefing through our quarterly newsletter to know ahead on what’s on the burner.

Machine Data Analytics Takes Center Stage at HTMA Texas Annual Meeting, Feb 2019

This highlight is exciting in many ways. We were provided an exclusive opportunity to present an educational session at the Healthcare Technology Management Association (HTMA) Texas’ annual meeting. Here we presented the findings, research, and insights on the Machine Data Analytics market to an audience comprised of technology-enthusiastic biomedical and clinical engineering leaders.

John Ferraro, Vice President of Sales and Rick Gaylord, Healthcare Solutions Specialist shared their expertise in this presentation, an organization’s motivation to use machine data analytics to spearhead initiatives such as better utilization of capital assets, particularly in the biomedical engineering department. We received several accolades and sparked interesting discussions on the topic following the session.

Celebrating Renewed Interest from our Existing Customers

We know that large product manufacturers and service operators have tremendous amounts of machine data, use cases and technical prowess to fund in-house analytics projects to fulfill their business objectives. However, such projects can take a life of their own. Smart companies like Dimension Data and Kodak Alaris realize this truth – that’s why they renewed their commitment to work with Glassbeam in Q1 for the future.

Should you build or buy a machine data analytics solution? This short 1.20 min video might settle that debate for you.

Finding the ‘Antidote to Healthcare Provider Performance’ — an Op-ed Thought Leadership Article Published in TDWI’s Business Intelligence Journal

We were shortlisted to write for the Business Intelligence Journal’s quarterly magazine. This magazine is a go-to-source of reference among active data management and analytics professionals worldwide.

We authored the article titled ‘AI & Machine Learning: The Antidote to Improve Healthcare Provider Performance’ for the Volume 23 edition. It got published on Jan 22, 2019. The article’s focus is on the role of AI/ML available as tools for data management professionals to trim the excess in budget outlays. Our article illustrates the four major areas 1. asset utilization, 2. supply chain, 3. machine availability, and 4. capital expenditures where healthcare organizations can use AI/ML powered predictive and prescriptive insights to discover anomalies, recover lost revenues, and optimize capital expenditure.

To download the article from TDWI, click here.

Those were the highlights of our most exciting quarter yet. And, we have a lot more announcements getting ready to work its way into the Q2 recap newsletter down the line. Do subscribe to our newsletter for these updates to reach you ahead in time. As always, I am happy to hear about what you think of our progress?

I look forward to the many opportunities to use the Glassbeam platform to reach new heights of success by constantly challenging ourselves with higher benchmarks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.