Award-winning Healthcare Application Suite Clinsights 2.0 is Out

Pramod Sridharamurthy

The 2.0 version of our award-winning healthcare application suite Clinsights™ is out and I am excited about all the significant enhancements in this release and its impact in helping our customers further optimize their radiology operations and increase their revenue. Thanks to all our customers who provided significant inputs during our discussions, helping us understand what is working, what is not, and telling us what matters to them. We heard you!

I would like to kick start a series of blogs on “what’s new” in Clinsights 2.0 and how it is making a significant difference to our customers with the two key objectives of optimizing operations and providing data points that help increase revenue. In this first blog, I will focus on the demand side of things as that is where everything starts. If an organization is not able to get enough patients referred to its facilities, optimizing operations is not much of value.

While understanding your referring physicians and the exams they refer has always been part of Clinsights from our first release, owing to its importance for our customers to manage their referral base and increase their revenue, in 2.0, we have created a dedicated set of dashboards for this, called Sales Dashboard. As the name says, the users of this dashboard are those people within your organization who are responsible for interfacing with the referring physicians and getting more patients referred to your facilities by showcasing your operational and imaging capabilities.

Let’s start from the start…

One of the important features we added both in the existing operational focused dashboards of Clinsights or the Sales focused dashboards is an executive-level dashboard that provides a high-level overview to start your analysis and allows you to drill down from there into specific aspects as needed. Our newly added Sales Dashboard provides all the key insights you need about your referrals in one high-level view. From understanding your daily average exam trend to knowing who your top referrers are to understanding who are referring more as compared to last month, you get several useful insights to understand your demand-side and in turn help you manage and increase your referrals.

sales dashboard

Beyond the start, digging into the why…

Your starting point can be Daily average exams that average out all the daily exam count variations and gives you a good indicator of how many exams you perform per day per device. Decreasing the average is a clear indicator that there is not just a drop in the number of referrals but also that this drop is not a transient change.

The first step to understand this will be to look at the Gains and Losses Report. The summary dashboard gives you the count of physicians whose referrals have increased as compared to last month and physicians whose referrals have decreased. While that acts as a good indicator, drilling down into the report shows you the physicians with the highest gains and drop in referrals. This acts as a starting point for you to reach out to all the referring physicians with reduced referrals to understand and address or improve.

Gains and Losses Report

Along with this, you can also look at the Total referrals dashboard to understand if the trend of reduction for these physicians has been gradual or sudden.

Total referrals dashboard

Alerting early on…

While dashboards are great to dig into and understand specific referrals, you need the system to notify you early on, so that corrective action can be taken when there is a drop in referrals. To address this, as part of this release we now provide an option to subscribe to rules that alert you when certain conditions of interest occur. For example: subscribing to the rule “Total Exams in the first 15 days of the month is less than 40% of the last 60 business days average” will quickly alert the relevant people if there is a possibility of reduced referrals this month so that corrective action can be taken mid-month.


Reactive sales to proactive nurturing…

While fixing reduced referrals is tactical and must be done on a need basis, as an organization, more time must be spent on nurturing and growing your business i.e., increasing your referral base. To do this, you need to understand who your top referrers are, their referral pattern over the last several months and what % of your referring doctors contribute to what % of your business so that you can focus on maintaining your top referrers while nurturing other referrers who have potential to grow.

Clinsights 2.0 provides multiple views and analytics to help understand your top referrers, their trend, and how you can grow the next set of referring physicians.

Let’s again start from the start…

Top 10 MR Referrers or CT Referrers is the starting point to understand your most important referrers. These reports when drilled down provide you additional information about their referring trend and list physicians who have moved in or out of the top 10 list.

Top 10 MR Referrers or CT Referrers

Understanding your exam mix

Along with understanding who your referrers are, it is equally important to understand your top exams and your top referrers who are referring them. This helps you understand your exam mix and hence plan how you want to market this to the next set of your top physicians.

Understanding your exam mix

Knowing who to focus on for maximum impact.

Another key aspect to understand about your referring physicians is knowing how your top N physicians contribute to your overall business. This allows you to decide on the right group of physicians that you want to nurture to increase your revenue. Here is a view in Clinsights 2.0 that helps you understand this and create an appropriate plan to reach out to the right audience.

top N physicians

In Summary

This was a high-level overview of how you can slice and dice your referral data and create a data-driven plan to increase your referrals and hence your revenue. With much more insightful analytics, Clinsights 2.0 provides all the information you need to nurture and grow your referral base.

In the next couple of blogs, I will talk about how you can find bottlenecks and corresponding actionable insights in your workflow using the new features added in Clinsights 2.0.