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Kudos from a respected research organization

Oct 31, 2011

Our team is excited to know that we’ve been listed in the IDC’s “Innovative Business Analytics Companies under $100M to Watch, 2011, Doc #230923, October 2011″ ( – as one that exemplifies the growing trend in cloud based analytics. It’s always encouraging to receive kudos from outside – especially from a respected research organization.

Why build when you can buy

May 27, 2016

We’ve had our share of occasions when this question was posed to us.

And, instead of a standard and boring Excel spreadsheet, we decided to be eloquent in our response – with a VIDEO

Our latest tete-a-tete with krishna roy at the 451 group

Jan 29, 2011

We had a nice conversation with Krishna Roy at the 451 group – and the ensuing REPORT articulates the big picture at Glassbeam.

Rounding off the year on a high

Dec 27, 2010

We’re happy to sign off with a great Q4 – a quarter full of exciting, shall we say game-changing events. From an angel round of FINANCING to validation from GROWCalifornia’s Game Changers Steering Committee to our entry into new verticals and impressive sales wins. Surely we’re firing on all cylinders!

The holidays give us time to savor these successes, reflect on the year gone by and recharge for the year ahead. To all customers, partners, well-wishers and dear blog readers – we look forward to sharing an exciting 2011 with you!

New name, new direction, same passion

Dec 13, 2010

We’re happy to officially announce our new name – Glassbeam! As regular readers know, that’s been the name of our SaaS-based product analytics offering that has been marketed under the Orchesys umbrella. We’re now focusing on our new direction – building and marketing Glassbeam and positioning it as the premier product analytics vendor in the marketplace. Thereby, helping large technology manufacturers better understand, infer and act upon data that their machines periodically generate. Read our official PRESS RELEASE and CEO thoughts

Need a quick roi on your glassbeam investment?

Jun 20, 2010

Here’s an easy-to-use TOOL at your fingertips. The methodology used incorporates factors including support costs (explicit and implicit) incurred to resolve an issue, visibility (or lack thereof) that product and professional services team have into existing installs at customer sites.

We have turned 1

Mar 01, 2010

Well a little more than 1!. Definitely, stronger and wiser and growing (despite the harsh economic climate). We’ve received endorsements from major analytics players and achieved traction in a few different verticals like medical devices. Our hard-at-work engineers have enhanced our product’s pedigree by upgrading the functionality of GLASSBEAN BI WORKBENCH that presents the hard-analyzed data the in a visually appealing fashion.

Thoughts? Do chime in by leaving a comment.

Partnering with the best in saas

Jan 31, 2010

We’ve always believed with partnering with the best in SaaS to power our evolutionary product analytics platform. That’s why we’re happy to announce a PARTNERSHIP with OPSOURCE to power our on-demand SAAS OFFERING.


Apr 10, 2009

At Glassbeam we are at the convergence of two very hot trends – SAAS AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. In this economy, companies need to invest in understanding and retaining their customers. They need to figure out ways to provide greater value to their existing customers by understanding how their products are used, satisfying unstated customer needs and providing faster resolution to existing product issues.

What is product operational data?

Mar 25, 2009

Innovation in the data center and in all computer-based systems is driving efficiency gains and cost savings. At the same time, innovations are creating more complex systems that are more difficult to understand and diagnose. For insight into these systems that can help you solve the problems, you can analyze the system’s operational data.