2018 Recap and Looking Forward to Growth in 2019

Puneet Pandit

2018 was a defining year for Glassbeam. We blazed the trail through the year signing up 15 customers and pilot sites located at Scripps Health, Grossmont Imaging, Eisenhower Health, and several more. As we head into the second month of 2019, we just announced a key partnership that is all set to take the VA Healthcare market by storm. I believe this new partnership is representative of the achievements and momentum we are set to embark on this year.

What got us here: Aligning the interests of all our constituents

It was our Service Analytics and Utilization Analytics solutions built on the Healthcare Blueprint that spearheaded our performance in 2018. The laser-sharp focus to address the large under-penetrated segment of the Healthcare market along with years of technological progress on our core IoT analytics platform were undoubtedly some of the key enablers of our success in 2018. As a company and team, we are now ready to benefit from scale.

The most significant milestones occurred throughout the year, for me, when we expanded our channel strategy and signed up strategic partners such as Brown’s Medical Imaging (BMI), Radiographic Equipment Services (RES), National Imaging Resources (NIR), and Renovo Solutions. Partnerships are born out of mutual trust and hunger to complement each other’s core competencies. Hear Chad Brown, President, Brown’s Medical Imaging and Cary Lucian, Senior Vice President, RES share my excitement as well.

A reminder of the problem we are solving, and why we exist

The scorecard that motivates and drives our team is the narrowed focus on helping our customers predict when their machines will go down. And I am proud of the moment we went live with our Part Failure (PF) and Anomaly Detection (AD) models for several models of GE’s and Siemens’ MRI and CT Scanners in 2018.

I also feel the same about our partners who have confidence in us to initiate conversations about our AI/ML-powered predictive maintenance solutions. The high point was at RSNA 2018 where we demonstrated our solutions in 28 customer meetings driven through our partners. Some of the leading Healthcare publications: 24×7, DotMed, Imaging Wire and Aunt Minnie even acknowledged this progress at the show.

We do compare it to what we believe is our intrinsic value

Healthcare equipment manufacturers and providers have embraced the Internet of Things (IoT), connecting machines to enable analytics and draw insights on better support and utilization metrics. In April 2018, Harbor Research launched a great industry report highlighting the strategic value of machine data analytics in the healthcare realm with specific case studies on Glassbeam solution. In August 2018, we were awarded the 2018 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award for our healthcare solution from IoT Evolution publication. The foundation of this recognition comes from the Glassbeam Healthcare IoT Blueprint.

Moving onto 2019, notable early milestones

We welcome our newest partner member to Glassbeam – Standard Communication Inc. (SCI) to help us make inroads in the VA Healthcare market. Go over to this press release that details the pain points we are solving for the Veteran Affairs Healthcare Medical facilities across the United States.

That news compliments another equally significant development. I am excited to announce signing up 12 new healthcare providers through our partnership with BMI, some facilities coming onboard Glassbeam includes Weatherford Regional Hospital, Battle Mountain General Hospital, Kearney Regional Medical Center, and more.

Our momentum continues.

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