Welcome violin memory

Thursday, October 16, 2014

It’s always a pleasure to announce a new customer. It’s doubly so when the business relationship involves leveraging a broader repertoire of capabilities that Glassbeam offers. That’s why we are excited to WELCOME VIOLIN MEMORY to our growing family of customers.

The relationship entails Violin Memory’s end customers using Glassbeam’s analytics from inside Salesforce.com through our recently created SINGLE SIGN ON CAPABILITY. Violin Memory’s newly designed client portal can now present a detailed picture of customer usage analytics alongside customer activity from Salesforce’s Service Cloud. And this enables their ability to offer machine-data-driven recommendations, both predictive and prescriptive, to end-customers.

Dubbed ‘Health Check’, Glassbeam’s offering for end-customers helps device manufacturers collect, ingest and analyze valuable log file data; and then glean detailed insights from the install base activity – usage, performance, adoption, trends etc. Some of the capabilities it offers are:

  • Proactive capacity planning – In one quick view, customers can tell what percentage of a product is being used. This helps them make timely decisions on allocating resources and in avoiding capacity overload.
  • Event analysis – Problems, errors or other potential concerns can be viewed in summary fashion, alerting administrators to situations that require attention.
  • License summary – Software versions are tracked automatically, ensuring that all products are up-to-date.

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