Webinar: Putting Machine Data to Work with IoT Analytics

Vijay Vasudevan
Sunday, October 9, 2016

Webinar Title: Putting Machine Data to Work with IoT Analytics
When: October 13, 2016
Starts: 2:00pm ET
Ends: 3:00pm ET
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On September 07, PTC announced a webinar series to highlight the growing importance of collecting and analyzing machine data. Coming up next week on October 13 — as part of the series, executive leaders from Glassbeam, PTC, and Springpath in a crisp, high energy webcast will discuss:

  • Why investing in machine data gathering technology and analytics has helped Springpath (a hyperconverged product manufacturer) drive superior customer experiences
  • How anticipating and better managing aftermarket services using IoT has turned their support team into customer care ninjas
  • Why the entry barriers to a rapid, lightweight experimentation with your machine data is almost non-existent on the PTC-Glassbeam platform
  • How data privacy, data security, data quality, confidentiality are challenges that can be overcome
  • What are the key components that make an IoT analytics platform scalable
  • How to integrate the platform on existing workflows

What you should expect

In this webinar, Breth Flinchum, Vice President of Customer Success at Springpath will discuss the immense possibilities of harnessing machine data from IoT analytics.  You will get a blueprint how the combined IoT ecosystem of PTC and Glassbeam is helping Springpath’s Hyperconverged Data Platform drive adaptive scaling, pre-empt maintenance calls, retrieve 1-click customer snapshots, plot on-demand differential view of healthy vs. unhealthy cluster deployments, and so much more.

Out there the predominant message is that product manufacturers, although convinced of the opportunities of IoT and machine data, are unclear of the path to execution. This webinar promises to dispel that concern by unraveling the success behind Springpath’s analytics infrastructure.

Apart from that Puneet, CEO and President, Glassbeam, and Ryan, General Manager, ThingWorx-PTC will aim to disclose the smart & simple steps to get started on the IoT machine data analytics platform. Their views and expertise can help product manufactures to form a clear business case for IoT operational analytics.

By the end of webcast, you will come away knowing that even with a low risk appetite the PTC-Glassbeam Analytics platform offers a clear implementation strategy to harness the full potential of machine data. The webinar will be followed by a live Q&A session.

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