Virtues of call-home data

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Call-home data is one of the often-used buzzwords in the IOT world; yet the nuances and complexities of instrumenting devices and sending back data in a secure and timely manner are often under under-appreciated. This is a bit mystifying, since following best practices in this area can greatly move a company up in its ability to provide product intelligence, health check services, and support automation to end-customers; indeed for IOT-savvy companies the evolution of call-home practices is often in lockstep with the company’s evolution as a whole.

Considerations around call-home data include what it should include:

  • Frequency
  • Triggers for a call-home event system, scheduled, user-triggered)
  • Security of data (secure protocols, masking of sensitive data, protection against spoofing, preventing eavesdropping)
  • Transport Mechanisms (Streaming, Sftp, SCP, email)

It’s easy to infer that creating effective call-home data is a science and an art that needs to be mastered; but when done right, can prove to be a source of significant competitive advantage. And the market seems to validate this theory– the PTC ACQUISITION OF AXEDA being one recent, and telling, data point.

To address the nuances of designing call-home data we are holding a WEBINAR ON SEPTEMBER 30 that will hopefully be a great way to enhance and fine-tune practices at your organization. And, by extension, truly put you on the path towards manufacturing truly connected devices.