Using glassbeam for customer segmentation

Thursday, July 30, 2015

It’s a well-known fact that better customer segmentation results in increased profitability for any product company. Better segmentation enables product manufacturers to create highly customized offerings and messaging for each customer (the era of 1-1 marketing); better yet, these offerings are well-aligned with the needs and propensities of that customer. This is because machine data is the most timely and accurate source of information on how a customer is using a certain product, and by extension, the best proxy for ‘feature propensity’ – how they perceive different features and functionality within a product.

Understanding feature propensity enables product manufacturers to have very intelligent conversations with their customer base and create tailored offerings that increase both satisfaction and utilization. Therefore creating a win-win situation for both companies. Analysis of machine operational data also helps product manufacturers make more informed end-of-life decisions on earlier product versions, instal base exposure to a certain bug (and by extension the right customer segment for a certain path) and many other intelligent findings. GLASSBEAM WORKBENCH with it’s powerful, yet intuitive, drag-and-drop interface greatly facilitates such ad-hoc analysis and creation of customer segments.

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