Tis the season of conferences

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Glassbeam is gearing up for Conference season – we are going to be attending two major events in Q2.

First, is TSW – the marquee event of TSIA – an organization that caters closely with the needs of Support professionals. Support (and Services), as you might know, is one of our key horizontals – our key messages of predictive maintenance, reducing MTTR, automatic ticket creation based on log files, root-cause analysis and more – directly address the needs of Support practitioners. Besides, we have a strong relationship with TSIA – having jointly authored a white paper and co-hosting a Webinar in the past. We were at TSW last year and were thrilled with the response! Which is why we signed up again – we will be in Booth #40 showing you the latest and greatest in our machine data analytics platform. If you prefer to meet 1:1, just send us an email to sales@glasseam.com and we will accommodate your request.

Bigger is LIVEWORX 2016, where we are a Gold Sponsor. This is easily our biggest Event of the year – and is a reflection of all the cool things we are doing with PTC. At LiveWorx we are planning in showcasing a very interesting IoT use case for the smart grid industry – but saying more will definitely steal it’s thunder. Suffice to say – it will be demonstrating how mining unstructured log data (that is typically generated and transported) from IoT-connected devices. To get a glimpse into what we will be presenting, please plan on attending a Webinar – "The Next Frontier in IoT Analytics with Machine Date" that we are HOSTING with PTC next month.

Come join us!