Powerful analytics – the key to iot

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We at Glassbeam are continuously evangelizing the value of analyzing machine data to glean valuable insights – for applications ranging from improving customer service to developing new products. We are happy to see there are others beating the drum about the value of IoT analytics.

INFORMATION WEEK recently posted an opinion piece by Chris Taylor, founder of Successful Workplace, that points out the value in the Internet of Things is not in the “Things,” but in the analysis. It goes on to point out GE’s billion dollar investment in the Internet of Things. GE is betting that data from sensors embedded in products in markets such as aviation and healthcare will revolutionize decision making.

However, the data is only as good as the analytics that organize, scour it for insights, and then make it available throughout an organization. It is the analysis that spawns enhanced decision making. Mark Palmer, senior vice president and general manager of TIBCO’s integration and event processing agrees, “The insights you can derive from Internet of Things represent a new class of business differentiation.”

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