Partnering with tsia to transform support organizations

Thursday, April 14, 2016

I must admit – the impetus for this post is squarely ANOTHER POST written by Judith Platz at TSIA.

Judith writes about issues rampant in the Customer Service world. Rising costs, lower-to-flat revenues, increasingly entitled customers demanding better, faster and more personalized services – all inevitably leading to decreased CSAT. All this leading to ‘unsustainable’ customer spend – in an era where product revenues are often flat or declining – and therefore pressurizing Support organizations to do more with less.

Why this piqued our interest is that we address these issues head on in a PAPER we co-authored with noted TSIA Analyst, John Ragsdale, last year. We talked about these seemingly ubiquitous problems in support groups and how the Glassbeam solution – with it’s unique ability to transform even the most complex unstructured data – and the ability to glean valuable business trends embedded deep inside the data. Specific capabilities that are used by Support Groups today include:

Reduction in MTTR – Glassbeam’s Rules & Alerts Engine and Explorer coupled together act as both a Log repository and Knowledge Repository. Quickly scanning through support diagnostic files to call out known issues and provide guidance on best practices. Glassbem Explorer and it’s powerful search capabilities enables TAC engineers to easily drill down to the root cause of an issue as well as correlate multiple log files to determine cause and effect..

Proactive Support – When log/data collection is automated, our versatile platform can actively auto-detect previously identified patterns in log files and create tickets in your CRM. This not only helps your Support team become more proactive in their operations but also improves overall support operations as well as provides new support offerings resulting in revenue opportunities.

Empowerment of front-line Engineers – Using features like ‘Section Viewer and Knowledgebases, support engineers can easily and confidently resolve even complex Support issues – thereby reducing, or even eliminating, costly escalations to higher support tiers and/or Engineering groups.

Predictive Maintenance – By using our Rules engine, even the most complex anomalous conditions can be modeled, captured and acted upon. This Rules engine is further refined by state-of-the art machine learning algorithms.

Value-added services – Our ‘HealthCheck’ services help you create new revenue-generating services for your end-users by exposing important operational parameters like capacity, performance etc. These services increase both revenue and customer satisfaction and can act as a game-changer in your efforts to transform your Support organization from a cost center to a profit center. Incidentally, we held a Webinar by that very title – TRANSFORMING YOUR SUPPORT ORGANIZATION FROM A COST CENTER TO A PROFIT CENTER – with, you guessed it, TSIA last year.

To summarize, customers continue to prefer self enablement solutions while internally organizations continue to push an ecosystem where you can create a 360 degree customer view. In my opinion neither of these are possible with out tapping into the logs collected at the device. After all there is very rich data on the devices waiting to be tapped into… Remember, Machines don’t lie!

We can help you transform your Support organization. Please email me at CARLOS@GLASSBEAM.COM and I’ll be glad to help you discover ways to achieve this goal.