Our presentation at the cassandra summit

Monday, October 13, 2014

Glassbeam was a proud presenter at the recently concluded Cassandra Summit in San Francisco. Our application architect, Mohammed Guller, gave a wonderful PRESENTATION that was very well received by the audience.

He talked about the key message and value proposition on which the Glassbeam platform is predicated: Data is exploding in the IOT world, and this is not homogenous data. It has Volume, Variety and Velocity – and it can be structured, unstructured or semi-structured. And how Glassbeam along with its Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) is well-suited to efficiently parse, ingest and analyze this data.

We often make it a point to communicate that our platform is capable to handling numerous forms of data. Because, there are many competing products that can only work with structured, time-series data and require significant customization (often running into many months) to work with unstructured data. We often refer to this data as belonging to the Internet of Complex Things – a slight deviation from IOT – and one that focuses squarely into log data that gets sent from manufacturers of complex products.

Mohammed also touches upon how Cassandra was best suited (amongst hundreds of noSql databases) to handle the sheer complexity and volumes of machine data that we handle. And also how is enables us to achieve multi-tenancy very elegantly – a very important need for a cloud-based platform like us that deals with data from product manufacturers that often have stringent security needs.

The presentation can be viewed ONLINE (Thanks DataStax). Incidentally, we’ve launched a new Website page that has this presentation as well as many other VIDEOS. Be sure to check it out.