Log analysis on the cloud

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Splunk is now going where their customers want them to go – to the CLOUD with an enterprise offering! Glassbeam has been offering an enterprise log analysis solution on the cloud for fortune 500 companies for a few years now, to analyze the data from their devices. Splunk’s log analysis is focused on Enterprise IT for the most part while Glassbeam has focused on Enterprise business users in support, engineering and service/sales.

While the use cases and technology requirements for the logs we process are vastly different and far more complex than traditional IT log requirements, its clear that customers are looking for an enterprise cloud deployment for their log analysis initiatives. Further, many customers want solutions within their private cloud as well. At Glassbeam, we have architected our solution from the ground up for a public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid cloud.

We have been hearing loud and clear from many customers that they no longer want to build log analysis for their own device logs in house on their own IT infrastructure due to escalting costs and complexity. The ROI on building such solutions in-house is very low due to complexity, lack of skills and the inherent risks involved in building things silo for specific use cases.

Enterprise log analysis on the cloud such as Glassbeam’s solutions for the internet of things and connected products dramatically reduces such costs and risks as many customers and forward thinking companies are finding out.