IOT analytics a critical success factor in today’s "big storage"

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The pervasiveness of big data has led to an equally significant expansion of what can be called “big storage.” Whether you’re a cloud service provider or an enterprise, managing that big data requires highly complex and sophisticated storage systems. Failure of these systems is not an option.

Storage system providers have turned to IoT analytics both to help ensure optimal performance and to gain a deeper understanding of how customers are using their solutions.

STORAGE CUSTOMERS typically demand tough service level agreements (SLAs) and negotiate among storage providers to secure the highest level of support. IoT analytics are a critical capability for storage providers to compete successfully. These analyses typically include mining and analyzing structured and multi-structured data in logs. Glassbeam’s patented log analysis platform and applications can be valuable assets in helping storage providers meet the requirements of these strict SLAs.

The value of these analytics typically takes two forms. First, IOT ANALYTICS studies data generated by storage devices and alerts the enterprise or cloud service provider before a potential problem occurs, typically in areas such as proactive capacity planning, event analysis and licensing summary. It also enables storage providers to better understand how customers are configuring and using these storage systems, allowing storage providers to offer new features and capabilities that fit with customers’ evolving needs.

IoT analytics gives peace of mind to storage providers as well as their customers, by offering a proactive, automated approach to managing complex storage systems. In today’s big data-dominated environment, effective “big storage” is a big deal.

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