IOT analytics and electric vehicles

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It’s always an exciting team when we enter a new vertical with a customer win. It is especially exciting when it’s a white hot vertical like Cleantech (specifically electric vehicles) where we can contribute towards the growth of an industry sector that provides numerous benefits to society.

The Electric Vehicles area has been receiving a lot of attention lately – with no less a giant than Exxon Mobil entering the field by CREATING CHARGING FACILITIES. This is on the heels of numerous other announcements including a PROPOSAL by PG&E as well as various ACADEMIC RESEARCH by conducted in this area. This industry segment has grown tremendously of late, as a natural corollary to the growth of the electric cars market,

And maintaining EV charging stations is exactly what our latest customer, GRIDSCAPE, does. We help them improve the economics of maintaining charging stations by lowering their maintenance costs and providing valuable insights into their data that help them in improving the quality of future solutions that they provide to end-customers. Our platform is ingesting streaming data (from more than 400 EV charging stations) in real-time from these stations and transforming it into valuable findings that are tremendously beneficial to numerous business areas at Gridscape.