IOT – how real is it today?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This is the title of a REPORT recently authored by Frost and Sullivan’s Stratecast publication. And we’re happy to note that Glassbeam’s has been featured prominently in it.

The IoT-focused Stratecast report includes:

  • Stratecast’s 2015 BDA Survey findings with regard to IoT
  • Establishment of what a typical IoT structure looks like
  • Analysis of issues and hard truths about IoT
  • Discussion of places where IoT is having an impact
  • Perspective on the future of IoT

Included in the report is an analysis of IoT, using several case studies to provide proof points of the value being created through deployment in the marketplace.

The report articulates how, using Glassbeam, Aruba Networks, an HPE company, is reducing MTTR and enabling data-driven product development. Aruba Networks faced serious challenges in trying to deliver great customer experiences. Its tribal knowledge in support troubleshooting and inconsistent feedback on actual usage of products and features were creating a high mean time to resolution (MTTR).


The solution from Glassbeam included an automatically generated network summary report dashboard; knob analysis dashboards for product management; and building more than 100 rules and alerts into the Glassbeam knowledge base for ready reference by support teams. As a result, Aruba Networks has reduced MTTR significantly, but beyond that, its IoT data is enabling it to follow a data-driven decision making approach for development of product roadmaps.

We have a case study on Aruba and tons more informative collateral on our RESOURCES page.