Glassbeam makes Support Easy

Pawan Jheeta
Thursday, November 2, 2017

We exhibited as a partner at TSW last week in Las Vegas, which is TSIA’s premier event to improve the strategic, financial, and operational performance of technology service and support businesses. We found immense value with very relevant content with the ability to learn from industry peers and experts.


For service companies, it begs the question, have you tried turning support on and off again? We’ve all heard support organizations utter this phrase. But why do they do it? Are they lazy? Are they not intelligent? Are they anti-social? Of Course Not!

A support engineer requires creativity, intelligence, attention to detail, and the ability to deal with unhappy customers. The truth is, sometimes support organizations will provide these less than satisfactory workarounds because they are working around the clock to meet SLAs, reduce ticket resolution time, and provide a root cause analysis of all problems. Support Engineers can easily be burned out because the very act of troubleshooting can be a long and time-consuming task. Glassbeam takes the heavy lifting out of support and makes Support Easy.

When a ticket is opened, support engineers are the ones who must qualify the issue and understand the problem by downloading and scrubbing through multiple machine data files, which include: configuration files, event logs, debug logs, system commands and table data. This is where Glassbeam steps in.

Glassbeam is an end-to-end Support solution that will ingest any machine data file, automate system health checks, cross-reference data sets, generate alerts, predict failures, create meaningful dashboards and most importantly, Glassbeam will instantly deliver recommendations and solutions to your support organization. With Glassbeam, you will see a reduction in ticket resolution time, SLAs being met, a decrease in escalations and instant Root cause analysis. Make Support Easy, Go Glassbeam.

Back to TSW in Las Vegas last week, it was remarkable to witness when we shared our dashboard of IoT data insights available to those who were unaware of our solution and see their eyes light up when they saw what their organization’s pain is capable of relieving. Let us show you how we can monitor and deliver a meaningful and automated support for service companies.