Glassbeam expands into the supply chain

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today, we are ANNOUNCING that OnProcess Technology, a leading managed service provider that specializes in complex, global service supply chain operations, has selected Glassbeam to assist in improving its triage management and logistic operations. This move is Glassbeam’s first foray into supply chain management. OnProcess will OEM Glassbeam’s IoT analytics platform and offer it as a value-added service to its customers.

ONPROCESS is widely regarded as an innovator and pioneer in the development of service supply chain optimization programs, with services including revenue enablement, triage and service fulfillment, to reverse logistics, transportation order management and spend management. Our cloud-based IoT analytics platform, will analyze streaming data from sensors in the field and provide rapid triage on failures remotely and automatically – along the entire supply chain. Our analysis will indicate what has happened in a breakdown, specify exactly what the problem is and determine part failure before it happens – all saving significant downtime and unnecessary service costs.

To give a more detailed view of how GLASSBEAM IOT ANALYTICS will assist OnProcess and its customers, below are brief examples of how our solutions help at critical steps in the supply chain:

At the customer site, analytics inform operations management when the part or machine requires repair, predict when the machines or part may need attention in the future and recommend remediation activities.

  • IoT analytics helps product companies meet service level agreement (SLA) or similar performance guidelines.
  • When a small percentage of products that reach customers fail, analytics can identify the source of the defect and optimize efficiencies in the repair channel.
  • During shipping, analytics can identify bottlenecks in the delivery, invoicing, parts replenishment and customer helpdesk functions.

The benefits of IoT analytics apply to much more than product manufacturing and monitoring of large, complex systems. In most industries, competition is tough and getting tougher. The creative and innovative application of analytics to uncover and improve inefficiencies, enhance new product development and improve customer service can be the difference between being an industry leader and an also ran.