Glassbeam and smart grids

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You might know that the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station and Smart Grid industry is set to explode over next five years growing from less than 1 Million stations today to over 12 Million in 2020 driving an exponential market revenue growth from $200M to $3.5B in the same period.

You might also recall last month our ANNOUNCEMENT last month of our relationship with Gridscape Solutions and how we were significantly improving the economics of operating Electrical Vehicle Charging stations. We’re happy to announce a Webinar to be held next week where we will discuss this topic at more length – and through lively and interactive conversation with Gridscape’s CEO and our Senior Customer Solutions Architect.

The WEBINAR will cover many important and pertinent topics:

  • Role of IOT in Smart Grids (and by extension Smart Cities)
  • Why it’s important for Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging stations to be IOT-connected
  • How connecting these stations is a game-changer for the industry
  • And most importantly how the economics of operating these stations are tremendously altered by Glassbeam’s Analytics – by reducing support costs, better understanding of install base and lots more.

So, SIGN UP now and come with your questions to learn how we are impacting the burgeoning Smart Grid industry, one EV charging station at a time.