Glassbeam in action at dimension data

Friday, February 20, 2015

We’d ANNOUNCED last summer that Dimension Data, an NTT company, and a global ICT leader had chosen Glassbeam to optimize it’s global data center operations. Since then, their team has used Glassbeam to accrue numerous benefits in their data center operations and we recently wrote a case study that articulates these benefits.

Prior to using Glassbeam, the DIMENSION DATA team spent laborious time sifting through reports manually, to build graphs and charts that gave them an accurate view of customer usage trends. As one might imagine, this is a pretty onerous task for an organization of this size that addresses the infrastructure needs of thousands of large, global enterprises.

Partnering with Glassbeam has, and is enabling, Dimension Data to seamlessly collect and analyze complex machine data that gets generated from storage devices, networking equipment applications and backup solutions. This analysis then helps them get important metrics like capacity utilization, usage by customer and daily status. Further, these reports are extremely helpful for anomaly detection – by empowering Dimension Data to set up rules based on thresholds and other parameters – and sending timely alerts that helps them respond to impending problems. And it’s not just support operations, the analytics also help them segment customers by usage, capacity, geography etc – thereby enabling more intelligent sales decisions. These aggregated reports are also a great tool for management teams to get a higher level picture of their business operations.

Alright, now that we’ve piqued your interest enough, please visit our RESOURCES page and read the entire case study.