Glassbeam 4.8 is here!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Glassbeam 4.8 is the latest and greatest version of our next generation machine data analytics platform. We’re excited to announce it’s launch – specially so because it packs so much punch it almost feels like 5.0!

For those who like a release notes kind of narrative, please check out our WHAT’S NEW page.

Here are few things, that makes 4.8 so cool:

Workbench: Ever wanted to answer questions like “What percent of my install base has version 4.2 and has end-users that log in every hour”. Workbench – our adhoc analytics tool – with a solid Tableau OEM and a breeezy drag and drop interface helps you do just that. Product Managers love the tool on account of this ability to slice and dice the install base and thereby make informed product roadmap decisions and understand customer perceptions of product features. Workbench also helps you make smarter end-of-life decisions for previous product releases.

Integration with SFDC: (SFDC) with it’s Internet of Customers mantra is an active player in the IoT space and we’re excited to partner with them. The SSO-enabled integration (SAML being the protocol, and SFDC the Identity provider) helps a users seamlessly view our Dashboards and analytics within SFDC. It also empowers them to easily upload log files into Glassbeam from within SFDC Cases or through Customer Communities.

Rules and Alerts: Our de-facto ‘Complex Event Processing’ capability now has a new look and feel – that not just looks great, but more importantly empowers and en-user to create and model threshold conditions easily. Before 4.8 we often used to create these Rules ourselves (in consultation with our customers) – but now our customers can easily create these rules and modify associated attributes.

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