Expanding our offering inside salesforce.com

Monday, November 3, 2014

In a PREVIOUS BLOG POST we wrote of Glassbeam’s robust SSO integration with Salesforce.com that helps a user view IOT Analytics along with their CRM data through one interface. Recently, Glassbeam recently won a deal with a major company in the Converged Infrastructure space. This company interacts a fair bit with it’s customers (especially for support issues) through Salesforce.com’s Portal. When our customer has a support issue, they raise a ticket inside Salesforce.com and attach an associated log files (sometimes these are large log files).

Salesforce.com has a limit on the size of the log file that can be attached to a support ticket. To address this, Enzigma, a company based out of India has come up with an innovative product called FTPATTACHMENTS that enables an end-user to upload voluminous log files (or any associated file that is large in size) directly through the Salesforce.com interface.

WE PARTNERED WITH ENZIGMA to provide a more holistic solution for our customers – one that makes it much easier for them to upload and analyze voluminous log files inside Salesforce.com. This feature is now being used by tons of end-users — and we feel the need for the solution will only grow as data becomes more complex and voluminous with time – as an increasing number of companies embrace the IOT revolution.