CRN lauds our premier iot offering

Thursday, June 2, 2016

This is HOT OFF THE PRESS – CRN announced that Glassbeam had been included as one of 2014′s hottest emerging technology vendors. Check out this list in CRN’S AUGUST 2014 ISSUE.

We’re delighted to be featured in this list, and doubly so, since this follows up on being included in CRN’S BIG DATA 100 LIST. Particularly because these awards validate Glassbeam as a premier technology player – with its offering’s ability to generate extremely valuable analytics by parsing large volumes of call-home data that gets sent from complex devices on end-customer sites.

These reports have tremendous value to all stakeholders in the IOT space. They definitely help technology professionals, especially those in Engineering and Support groups, make quick, informed decisions that save time and money; and help their organizations align much better with customer needs. Probably most telling is their ability to use our predictive analytics to proactively respond to impending issues that get detected by anomalies in reports or by threshold events. Such actions result in reduction in time to resolve support issues, better product decisions arising from a comprehensive understanding of configurations used across the install base, and many other quantitative and qualitative benefits that significantly, nay materially, alter the dynamics of interacting with customers.

Thank you, CRN!