Converged infrastructure, here we come!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We always feel elated when we enter a new vertical and win a couple of customers in the space. The joy and excitement is amplified when it’s a white-hot vertical by itself – in this case the Converged and Hyperconverged (simply “Converged” for this post) Infrastructure space.

The Converged Infrastructure space is perfect for GLASSBEAM – since products in this industry are very complex by definition. They typically include a complex stack of storage, networking, virtualization, and a combination thereof. These stacks generate machine data that is complex by variety, volume, and more importantly originates at different products. Ingesting, parsing and analyzing this data is significantly more complex than is the case with single product files. And, the vendors in this space have onerous tasks – often having to act as the frontline support (the metaphorical “one throat to choke”) center for the entire stack.

Performing Support for such complex products as well as acting as the subject matter expert for numerous customer issues, requires a different level of insight and information into product operational data. And this is precisely what Glassbeam brings to the table. With our leading IoT Analytics platform we perform detailed analysis on machine data and turn it into powerful business insights that can be used not just for effective frontline support, but for making informed decisions in many other areas including services, product roadmaps, and customer segmentation.

Noted analyst firm, Taneja Group, also weighed in with a NICE REPORT on our entry into the Converged Space.