Connecting seamleassly to thingworx

Thursday, February 5, 2015

This is HOT OF THE WIRE – we’re announcing a technology and business relationship with Thingworx (a PTC company). The partnership means that we will build a connector into THINGWORX IOT PLATFORM that will enable data to be ingested (and parsed) into GLASSBEAM’S IOT ANALYTICS platform. Building the connector will mean that we are ‘Thingworx-ready’

We see this as another powerful validation of the capabilities of our robust IOT platform and the numerous benefits it’s advanced Analytics capabilities have for customers in the IOT space. As you might know, the Thingworx platform offers a rich ecosystem of partners to connect devices, and to collect and transmit machine data. Analytics fills in the proverbial missing link and gives end-customers ‘full lifecycle IOT capability’ — thereby enabling them to seamlessly collect, ingest, parse and analyze data — and glean valuable inferences for improving all areas of product operations. That is, faster support, better upsell opportunities, product roadmaps more aligned with true customer needs, and improved engineering intelligence.

We look forward to being part of the Thingworx ecosystem, and more importantly, to address the needs of customers that need detailed IOT Analytics around data collected by the Thingworx platform. We saw a need for this from a couple of prospects even before we signed the partnership and formally engaging with Thingworx is a natural next step to address what we perceive to be a sizable market opportunity.