Congratulations to our authors at glassbeam!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

One of the best things for us at Glassbeam has always been the team! We have some of the smartest engineers with each one an expert in their domain. 2016 was a great start for three engineers here as they became first time authors on topics that are core to what we do at GLASSBEAM. The important part is that they wrote these books without impacting work schedules, which shows the passion and commitment they have for their craft.

Suraj Atreya and Prasanna Kumar, senior engineers in our India team, co-authored a BOOK on how to harness reactive programming to build scalable and fault tolerant distributed systems using Scala and Akka. Mohammed Guller, our principal architect based in the Silicon Valley, authored a BOOK on Using Spark for Large Scale Data Analysis.

Our team has some really smart engineers with deep pedigree in creating scalable platforms that can ingest, parse and analyze very complex data that gets generated from industrial-grade IoT devices in numerous verticals. Their skills are reflected both in the appeal of our platform and in the quality of the books they have authored.

Happy Reading!