Are you there yet? clouds are waiting…

Friday, May 9, 2014

Not all wars are bad. Surprisingly, there are wars that most individuals and groups enjoy – wars over pricing. Nothing is better than watching some of the biggest companies punching each other out with a “new pricing strategy”. This is a war that is good for the customer since the end result is an increase in goods delivered at a new reduced price.

Recently you might have been a part of a conversation that went something like:

"Can we reduce our IT infrastructure cost by 10…15% this year?"

"No boss, only by 30…40%"

"Are you insane? How?!"

"Just wait for next AWS announcement"…

BRAVISSIMO AWS….. BRAVISSIMO GOOGLE! Please continue fighting. Everybody wins here!

And Glassbeam’s customers win too. How? We are a company that firmly believes in any data, any device, any cloud. Our secret sauce is not only the unique capability to process “any” type of log (syslogs, configs, statistical data, etc) or format of log (text, csv, XML, SNMP, JSON, etc), but we also have the unique ability to deploy Glassbeam SCALAR platform and applications to any cloud. So if our customers, especially large ones like HDS or IBM, want to OEM Glassbeam in their cloud, they are most welcome to do it. In fact, that is exactly what HDS has in mind with this OEM ANNOUNCEMENT with us earlier this year.