All eyes in san francisco this week for dreamforce 15

Friday, September 18, 2015

As thousands of people step into San Francisco’s Moscone Center at this year’s DREAMFORCE they will come face to face with the "INTERNET OF CUSTOMERS", as Salesforce dubbed it back in 2013, which is connecting the Internet of Things to the Marketing Cloud. The term actually fits perfectly considering the massive collection of data that is allowing both sales and service to have an accurate single screen view of every interaction with the customer.

Glassbeam for is already helping realize the promise of the Internet of Customers with a new integration that combines machine data analytics with traditional CRM data to get a holistic 360 degree view of the customer. We’ve made it extremely easy to upload and analyze log file data into Salesforce so the combination of this data and CRM information can provide totally new customer insights. The solution is already being deployed and is enabling our customers to upload files directly to Glassbeam to provide consumption analytics versus archiving the files through SFDC Cases and Communities. Customers can attach and view large files inside a Salesforce Case record (without storing in Salesforce); view log file analytics against a Salesforce Case record; and alert a Case Owner when a log file’s analytics are available for review.

Glassbeam integrates seamlessly with SFDC, through a SSO integration. This integration provides a streamlined analytics experience for users that wish to incorporate machine data analytics in conjunction with traditional CRM reports.

The current benefits of our analytics such as support automation using predictive and preventive maintenance techniques; new product development; and new revenue streams through premium services, can now be used with Salesforce for more detailed insights. The combination can help segment customers intelligently based on a combination of CRM and product usage data; determine product affinity; buying propensity; the likelihood of churn; and much more—all without leaving the Salesforce interface. By leveraging an enriched view of the installed base through this combination, much more successful product roadmaps can be developed with customer needs in mind based on usage analysis.

We are demonstrating this solution to existing customers attending Dreamforce 15 during an event on the 16th. For more information you can look at our Glassbeam for SOLUTION DATASHEET on our Resources page.